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      Hi Everyone

      Hope you are all well.

      I am really suffering with PTSD anxiety & depression.

      Been that way from before I was five year old but not as bad as now.

      Bashed humiliated degraded.

      I do not leave the house other than for shopping which I hate.

      I need someone to help me in regard to meeting new people online ,just want to converse with someone.

      Had counseling,Doctors and everything else.

      XXX Thanks



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      DeeAnn Hopings

      No, surgery and HRT are not on my To Do list. If I have any dysphoria, it is at a pretty minor level. What I eventually realized is that I have always been a combination of male and female sensibilities, thoughts and perspectives. In reflection, it has been like that since childhood and I don’t see that changing…


      By the way, it would be helpful if you completed your Profile page. It helps other members to get to know you better and understand your situation. Eventually all threads sink to the bottom of the pile as new ones are added, but your Profile page will always be readily accessible if you need to update it.

      If you would like to search for other members near you, click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

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      Cheryl T

      In terms of surgery it would only be BA for me unless I eventually decide to go for no depth vaginoplasty. Unfortunately there are other medical issues that preclude my following an HRT path and may be a deterrent to any bottom surgery as well.

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      Hi Ashley, I’m Jessica. OK, this is not advice, and I am not qualified to give any advice..I am new to being Jessica. This is just MY thoughts on MY journey. I HAVE TO transition. My dysphoria is so bad that I have anxiety attacks and I sit with my knees to my chest and cry for hours at a time. I am going all the way, as long as I can afford the parts I have to pay for. I have been doing yoga and body shaping exercise routines, and listening to feminization sleep and meditation hypnosis. Im still at the start of my journey, but I’m moving as quickly as I can, because I feel I have already wasted so much time being ashamed of what I am, and I have thought this through all the way several times. I need this. I sent you a friend request..I think we can help each other.

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      Hi Ashley, I see from your thanks to DeeAnn you are still active here. I’m sorry you have had so much hard experiences in the past. I was more fortunate in that all the bashing and humiliation I suffered was all self-induced. I can’t fathom how one can survive when it is external as well.

      So, I say good on you for getting to this point! Sometimes a doctor or counselor is working from a predisposed viewpoint. Know that we are here for you and you can chat anytime with me privately. I’m not an expert in anything but crossdressing and beating myself up (not currently, though!), but I can listen and empathize pretty well.

      Take care of yourself and love yourself!



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      I don’t know if need is the most fitting term for me, but it was the best choice given. As a child and teens I went through what you spoke about. I suffer from that trauma every day. And dealing with it, with my counselor. I knew that I was a girl from very young. And that caused even more problems. Only this past summer did I come out to family and friends. I know it’s a long process to transition. I want to take it slow and enjoy the journey. I hope to fully become the lady that is inside. But with the way I came out, I have been living as female since. There was no reason to hide, I had to face it and the world. No matter how I looked or felt. I just started speech therapy and hope to soon start HRT. And surgery is a bridge to take though about, but not worry about. It will happen or not in it’s given time. Just my humble thoughts on a large subject.

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      Dee Astra

      Ashley, sorry for the late response (hope your well?).

      I cannot recommend VR enough (via a Oculus quest 2), particularly VRchat, there’s some very accepting and protective communities, just don’t upset the furries they are your allies, weirdly i know.

      I don’t recommend the main public lobbies, but instead stick the user created ones, just drop LGBTQ or Pride into the search and away you go.

      You’ll have a tonne of friends within weeks, people literally eat, sleep and everything else in there.

      And if anyone upsets you block and report them, or at the press of button bail to your home world.


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        could you expand on this a bit – I’m tech n geek but chat using Oculus enabled is only just making it into my awareness – and I think I could benefit from exploring that environment if there are places safe from the hate and judgement

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      As a piece of information, as noted on her Profile page, Ashley was last logged in 7 months ago…

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      I’m staying non-op, but I do want breast implants.

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