Hi everyone new member here just saying hello to everyone

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    Sharon Howard

    Hi ,

    I am Sharon, or Shaz as most of my friends call me.

    I am a mtf pre op from the UK, and am in my late 50s.

    Recently joined and looking to make new friends or maybe even more. ? Who knows.

    I love all things girlie like retail therapy, fashion , beauty, and gossip etc.

    I also love theatre, music, sport, travel, photography.

    I am quite confident and I like to think very popular and well respected by people who know me.

    I am honest and sincere, have a sense of humour and will talk openly and honestly about anything. I respect other people’s views and opinions, even if I don’t always agree with them.

    I have a big belief that life is far too short, so try and make the best of it whenever you can. We all have bad times, but there is always a good time somewhere along the way, so always try to make the very best of those good times.

    Lots of hugs and best wishes,


    Sharon x

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    Hi Sharon,

    Welcome to TGH! You have many similar traits to my own, except I’m here in the States. However, my bf too is in the UK, so I hope to join him there shorty (or perhaps convince him to move to California 🤔).

    And to my fellow stateside chicka, welcome to TGH to you as well, Debbie. 🤗

    Hugs, peace and much love,

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     Dasia Anderl 


    Hi Debbie! Welcome to TGH, I hope you find what you came here for. I wish I was born a cis woman most days. My mom wanted a daughter. We had fun, but my AMAB designation often got in the way. I’ve learned a lot from being a trans woman, however. I think I’ve figured out why cis men fart so much. Ha ha, seriously…they don’t sit down to pee much so their gas just stays in them longer. Have you read any good books on trans folx? I’m reading “Yes, You Are Trans Enough” by Mia Violet and loving it. Mia’s well spoken, her story resonates with mine, and if you haven’t read her yet I recommend her work. Bea Cordelia is another worth checking out. “The T” web series she made is hip, modern and a lovely short story. Bea’s out of Chi-Town. I live near St. Paul. I’d love to hear some LA stories!

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       Debbie Lynn 


      thank you for your reply, No I have not read any books on Trans women or transitioning. All of my information has come for the web.
      so glad you gave me this info. I plan on looking into the books you suggest

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     Debbie Lynn 


    hello everyone, I am Debbie Lynn just a Southern lady .  I just joined this site and so excited.

    I have known since I was small that there was something different about me

    Dressed as a kid, but back then it was not as accepted. Still love dressing

    and wish I was born a women.

    Looking to learn more about the lifestyle and hopefully make new friends

    that understand me and hopefully learn more from the people here.

    It is so nice to see I am not the only person that feels the way I do.

    Love to hear from everyone.

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       Sharon Howard 


      Hi Debbie, and welcome.

      I am also new here, but everyone is here for the same thing. We are all together.


      Sharon x

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         Debbie Lynn 


        thank you Sharon. I am so glad to be involved in this site.
        Looking forward to maybe some questions answered and giving my
        two cents worth on others.

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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
    Managing Ambassador


    Welcome to TGH, Sharon!  Your optimism and confidence do shine.  We hope you find our little site is a good place both for receiving and giving support to others who may have dealing with the negatives that life can throw at them.  But, you are right, make the best of what you can.  The small victories become the big ones if you’re resilient and persistent.

    Hugs, Ambassador Cloe

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     Stephanie Jones 


    Hi Sharon, you sound awesome!! 🙂



    Stephanie xo

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