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    Debi Saunders

    Hello all

    In am a 59 year old transwoman. I have known I was trans since I was 6 and have had periods of crossdressing, and partial tramsition in thebhe past. For the last 22 years I have been married when trying to live as a cisman. I cannot and am.actively starting to transition even though none of my close family, apart from my Mum, know.

    I love near York , UK  and would love to chat with, and maybe meet, cis or trans women who would be willing to act as girlfriends or mentors.

    Please get in touch if you can help

    Debi  xx





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      Maya Brooks


      Hi Debi,

      Welcome to TGH! I hope that you find a supportive atmosphere here and I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I am a fellow Brit and live down in London.

      Best wishes


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      Debi Saunders


      Hi Cloe

      Thanks for your response. My wife knows that I was trans when we met 22 years ago but is not aware that I have reached the point of actively planning to transition. I am having counselling to think about the enormity of what I am doing, but my wife is aware of some changes in my body but just won’t talk about them.

      All your points are useful and thank you for them all. I am only meeting online for now.



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      CC Webb
      Managing Ambassador


      Welcome to TGH Debi!  Your journey sounds similar to many of us later in lifers.  It is a tough decision, but for many of us becomes a necessity.  You didn’t say whether your spouse is still with you, but it sounds as they don’t know.  If so, the impact on them is tremendous regardless of their acceptance.  Either way you need to carefully consider how you reveal it to them and what the potential outcomes will be to manage.  Are you ready for them?  Is it worth it?
      As far as meeting someone local, that is a big step too and we advocate making it a public thing.  The best way is to find a local support group, safety in numbers is the key.  Not everyone out there has good intentions so be careful how you approach this.
      Having gone through this myself in the past few years I can tell you the best step I took was to find a gender therapist.  They can help you identify issues you will encounter or haven’t considered and strategies to manage  them.  Some are the external factors and some are your own internal well being and how to manage it.
      But. most importantly know that it is possible to really discover yourself and flourish as the person you know you are meant to be.  Just know there are many ways people find to achieve their balance and only you get to decide what is right for you.

      Ambassador Cloe

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      Debi Saunders


      Hi Stephanie and Kim


      Glad to be here. Glad to be starting my move towards womanhood.




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      Hi, Debi.  Welcome.

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      Kim Huisingh


      Hi everyone!! Love wearing  dresses and

      make up. So nice to join the group. Blessings kim

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