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    Alistair Shepard

    Hi all. I am here because a friend who I came out to cited this to me as a resource. I’m 39 years old and am struggling to come to terms with the idea that I may be a trans man, or at least transmasculine. This so often seems like a “young person” thing, and so I wonder what’s the point? But my friend reminded me that my feelings are valid and encouraged me to learn and explore. So here I am.

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      Hi Krystal here – your natural soul tells you who you are and normies because of social conditioning in there own family upbringing never consider that during a mothers gestation the first couple of months her hormone levels go up and down with estrogen and testosterone massively and given that the baby to be is very tiny , the size of a small mouse and at just the right time of development that little brain that gets too much of hormone’s will change that brain permanently – the brain runs the body not the other way around – it’s like having a Bill Gates Windows 10 running a Steve Jobs Apple mechanical platform , it doesn’t work – Men produce male and female swimmers to fertilize the basic egg hence the equipment you get assigned to at birth by the Doctor as a boy or girl , but even the Doctor doesn’t know your true gender brain wise – a true transgender person will know and feel the in-congruency – what it means is that it’s natural and normal – the brain runs the body – the social system of normies can’t grasp this concept and dysphoria that occurs – it’s finally coming out in the medical world this is a normal condition and times are changing – if your M-F or F-M not to worry your not crazy – let the stress go – be yourself and be happy – Regards , the old one now – XO – Krystal

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      The fact that you made it here is a major first step. Glad that you did that!

      There are people here who are questioning and working to understand their gender identity to those who transitioned years ago and every point in between. Clearly you are not alone here.

      Also, I have to say that you have a very smart friend so you need to continue to listen!

      Anyway, you asked the question: What’s the point?

      How I look at it is this. Every day of our lives we start out with a certain amount of energy that we can use any way that we see fit. But, what if we knew that a significant amount of energy was always going to get used in some way that we didn’t want and we have no control over it? There is a thought process that is labeled: “Bring your whole self to work.”. Often for LGBT people we may find ourselves in environments where we need to act like everyone else and we do that by hiding our real selves. We have to watch what we say, how we refer to those close to us, how we talk about how we socialize and where, etc. in order to not be discovered. So the thing is, image what we could do with the energy that is devoted to keeping our secrets every day? What if we could bring our whole selves to whatever we were doing? And that, dear friend, is the point…

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      I’m 67 and on HRT for 18 months. What pray tell is too late? I may have only a couple of decades left but I’ll be dying as my true self. Not a morbid statement. I only finally found solace in action. My brain fought my heart the whole way but I made sure my heart won. No one here will judge you. We give to each other to empower ourselves.

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        Thank you so much for your words of acceptance and encouragement. So many sources I found online seemed directed at younger people that I was feeling a bit disconnected. So I really, really appreciate you sharing about your experience.

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          You are certainly welcome. I come here not just for myself but to be a resource and an aid for others. All my best -Annie

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      Michelle Larsen

      Alistair, welcome to our neck of the world. I do hope you are getting situated and seeing all there is here. Please let me know if you have any questions. Either I, or someone else, will make sure we reply back. I do so hope you will join us in the Chatroom. I enjoy chatting there a lot. If you look in Social -> Member Directory, you can search for other people that may be near by. Or under Places -> Local Places, you can search for all sorts of things that may be near you. Hope to see you chatting soon. Oh, and don’t forget about digging through the Articles and Forums. Loads of information there. Hugs, Michelle

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