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      Hi I’m Joanna ,

      I’m a crossdresser and have started over last month and its for good this time. I’m 55 years old , 6 feet tall, weight is 135 to 145 pounds!

      I would love to met someone who could and would come teach me how to do my makeup. Its the one thing I cant seem to get right !

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      There are makeup artists who specialize in transformation, but even so other MUA’s may be willing to help.

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        I’m not sure what MUA’s but I would love to learn to do my makeup so I look good ! I love dressing as the woman I know that I am!!

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      YouTube has taken my makeup skills to a much better place than me recreating the seventies looks I was taught as a teen. Gawdawful! The videos for makeup on older women and trans women are fantastic! When the cactus blossom comes down I hope to present a mildly attractive older woman and not an old bar fly 🤣

      it is challenging learning this at our ages honey but the results are so worth it!

      bless you dear


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        Do you know the link to the you tube video’s? What makeup do you use?

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          I will put together some links that have helped me. I learned to do my face in the seventies from bar women and OMG it is ghastly on sixty yr old me! So tossed some stuff out of my bag and am going more subtle. The instructionals have helped a lot and I am practicing for my profile pic. I love the feel of makeup and especially a creme lipstick so tempering the look is my goal

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          Oh dear! I forgot to say I love good makeup L’Oréal,Sephora,etc but while my techniques are being honed it is cheap brands. I wish I could practice with the good stuff but am  but a poor girl on fixed income

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            I to live on a fixed income! I would like to know what makeup you think would look good on me and make me look good and maybe feel sexy!!

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            I probably am not the girl to ask🤭 my profile shows I am a rough work in progress but. What I am finding though is subtle is pretty and too much drama just ages us. We need a good skin regime first and foremost the YouTube tutorials for older and transgender women have put me on the right path at least. Practice will perfect my look. All that said I am using cheap LA Colors and the like while I hone my look. When I no longer look overdone or amateurish I will upgrade to Sephora, L’Oréal, Etc. They make age appropriate cosmetics and I will have nice results  when my skills improve

            big lipstick kisses hon. Keep in touch with me and share your experiences. Much love💋 Maria

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