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      Well, I’m not really settled on that name if I’m honest. My father told me that’s what they would’ve named me if I’d been AFAB. I wish! Anyway, it’s what I’m using for now. I’ve floundered around with different names, still trying to see what fits. So, some of you may know me from other places as “Candela.”

      I’m currently in the Midwest but I’ll be moving to California in a month for work. Work. It’s a love-hate relationship. The powers that be have issues with Trans people even though they say they don’t. So, I’ve got about 7-8 years left until I can call this career complete and move on. I’m just biding my time until then.

      In the meantime, I dress up when I can and I’m beginning to transition in “boy mode.” I hope to start electrolysis when I move to Cali next month and I’ll start seeing a mental health professional and maybe start anti-androgens. I’m fortunate to have a few close family members and friends who support me. I hope to make more like-minded friends here. <3

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      Hi Tara and welcome to TGH!    Tara……..came from ancient Ireland….meaning hill or place were kings met. A noble and worthy name in any language. I hope you find our site helpful. Our members are all on the same path as you and will be glad to assist you in any way you need or want to achieve your goal. I look forward to learning more about you….don’t be shy…my door is always open. Till then…….

      Dame Veronica

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      Thank you, Veronica! I hope to make a lot of friends through this community and learn a lot more about what I’m going through.

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      Hi Tara,

      Welcome to TGH!  Tara is such a pretty name.  My name is a derivative of my given middle.  It was a a maiden name for my great grandmother and couldn’t have even been called androgynous.  He spirit as a immigrant to this “new world” that she ultimately gave her life for was all the inspiration I needed.  Family does matter especially when they are supportive.  I felt it worthwhile to continue to pay homage and besides I kind of like it.

      As far as careers my therapist and I discussed my  learning electrolysis and providing services since they are just as limited as healthcare in supporting TG.  I’ve already changed careers twice and it was rewarding both times.

      Hop to see you around,

      Hugs, Cloe

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        Thanks, Cloe! Beautiful name, btw. I’m so invested in my career that I would lose everything if I tried to switch careers now. All I can do is hang in and hope for new management. But thank you for the words of encouragement.

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