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    Madison Drew

    So here goes. I am 40 and I am trans. I have known it all my life. I have had financial, relationship and social problems due to how this has made me feel my whole life. When I finally embraced it a few months ago I cried and cried for a while. It was a good cry though and thanks to my dog I feel wonderful about being me when i am home. I hate going into the world and having to be what I am on the outside knowing it’s not right.


    I have already started exercising and eating right for the body I want. But I must admit at 40 and being 6’1 this feels so daunting I am terrified to move forward. However I cannot live another 40 years in the prison of a body that doesn’t fit. I want to start hrt so much but I do not have insurance and even if I did most don’t pay for it anyway. That aside I need help in a lot of ways.

    I need friends. I live in the South so of course the help is near non existent. I just don’t know where to begin. Money is an issue of course like it is for most of us but I know others have found help and I was hoping some of you lovely people could start helping me find my way. I don’t want handouts I just want friends and support with some advice about how to do this. I CANNOT live any longer like this it’s literally killing me.

    I act completely different at home than I do when I am out and I cannot stand it. Any help in finding low cost services or just some friendly chat would be a major boon in my corner. Thank you all.

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      Madison Drew


      Hi Stephanie and thank you. It is enough to have a friend.


      Tiffany I sent you a message back and thank you for responding. I appreciate the friendliness..bless

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      Stephanie Green


      Hi, Madison.  Welcome to TGH.  I’m not sure how much I can help you.  I have only recently come to terms with being transgender myself.  We can definitely be friends though.

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      Tiffany Alexis
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      First off, welcome to TGH. I’m glad you found us. Second off, I can almost certainly help you. I live in northeast Louisiana and had much the same problem a few months ago. So I started Project Unity, which since August has grown into the largest directory of trans welcoming resources on earth. It’s focus is finding stuff in underserved areas like my hometown, Monroe Louisiana. I’m going to send you a friend request, and shoot a quick pm. Reply to it and tell me your location, and what you hope to find, and I’ll get to work.may take an hour or a couple of days but I know I’ll get something for you.

      My heart is in the game

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