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    Christina Miller

    Hey everyone! I am Christina and I am 31 years old. I am married with two daughters. I am in the Navy and currently live in Japan. The “switch” within me just recently flipped letting out my inner-girl. It has been about a couple months since I started to identify as a transgender woman. I love talking about gender identity and sexuality and how it all ties in to their life experience. After recently starting the journey myself, I find these topics fascinating. I am very interested in everyone’s story and I’ll take all the advice you have as I begin my journey.

    How I arrived to the conclusion that I am transgender is a very different story than what I normally see online from reading other peoples’. Growing up,  I didn’t have an automatic predisposition to feminine things or activities. I was very shy and I would say that my actions and mannerisms were feminine, but I was just your average nerdy kid. I grew up mostly playing video games and card games. My head was mostly ever stuck in the fantasy. However, video games were how I found my inner-girl.

    Growing up in Kentucky, I have never met or got to know any transgender people. Even to this day, I don’t think I have ever met a transgender person in real life. So, I really didn’t know what being transgender was. Perhaps, things would have been different, if I had that influence early on.

    One thing I did like to do was play female characters in video games. To fast forward, I played the MMOs World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV naturally acting like a girl subconsciously when I played. My true self was there all along.

    When I started roleplaying as my character in FFXIV, that is when everything changed. I was such a natural at it and just wanted to live in the fantasy of it all. Then I finally figured out that I can make that fantasy a reality. I have crossdressed a few times in my life, but after this point, I looked in the mirror and thought I look so much better in women’s clothing. I was able to do a couple photo shoots before the whole lockdown occurred.

    It was so natural for me to act like a girl in the game. Now, I want to do it in my everyday life and be my true self, an elegant, glamorous woman. There will be lots of challenges ahead and I am ready to take them on. At this point in my life, I have the courage to make it happen. This is already getting too long. I have been working on a diary of sorts to capture my journey and put it into writing in more detail.


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      Alesha Smith


      Hi Christina, welcome. We have much in common.


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      Christina Miller

      Yeah, you are right. Although our stories differ, we all found our true selves. Thank you for the warm welcome and thank you for your service!

      With Love,


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      Aria Bash


      Hi, Christina !   Yep, it’s a slightly different story, but then we are not the same , are we ?  That’s the thing that makes life so fun…..  and also makes things different.  Not to date me…. ( old ) but I was at the tail end of the Vietnam War Era and in the Army.  So us brothers/sisters in arms always do have a slightly different story anyways.

      Welcome from a fellow newbie to this board.




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