how have you blocked out family haters?

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      I call on your wisdom with happiness n sadness.

      several months ago I told my 2 siblings I am trans n they had promised we will always be there to help you, no matter what. that changed the very next day as the Bible thumper told me he cannot accept or participate in this sinful journey of mine. his preaching n hatred has only escalated even above my pleas of stop, you get it off your chest n I cry n wish I was dead..but your happy..Faking stop, now. he continues upping the stakes. 2 weeks ago he started with a call pretending to hear my sude then launched into preaching hatred on the name of Jesus.  this week he sent a long email telling me he needs to protect his family from me n more hatred. the reply I have not yet sent is don’t call, write, text or cone over. don’t go to my funeral. if my name is mentioned ignore it. now you are protected.

      it hurts but at the same time I feel like I’m cutting a tumor off of myself n the constant preaching was leading to many self destructive thoughts n wishes.

      my friends, any suggestions for a girl who is hurting but knows what she must do? my poor mother will get caught in the middle but I don’t feel I owe my life to protect her from hate.


      ideas n suggestions welcomed, please.


      missy jo

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      thank you. I know you’re right n even have letters written, just need to hike my panties up n mail them. you hate me? you need protected from me? good. don’t call or come around n we will both be happier

      and somehow I will end up the bad person here. oh well screw it. I can’t défend my right to existe n argue my case to people that hate me constantly..I’m exhausted n wasting energy.

      thank you dear.

      I’ll try.



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      Love is the only way I know how to rise above the hate. I have to be an example of love not only to myself but to hold the higher love vibration. So they can either come up and feel the love, be happy or they can walk away. I am a creature of the great divine just like everyone else. If you hold the love then it’s them that has to succumb to the hate or raise their vibration,and it’s all on their head and you can walk away knowing that you have done your best. Smile and if they can’t then they’re the looser not you and you have given them nothing but the love that they preach about but can’t see that it’s right in front of them. Judge not less you be judged. Blow them a kiss, wink ,walk away and know that you are okay and finding your balance and place in the world.

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      I always knew I was transgender and finally announced it to the world two years ago. I never cut anybody off, but many have virtually vanished or disappeared from my life. I hold no grudges and will gladly talk with any of them, the fact they feel they can’t, is their problem, not mine. My life now, as the woman I’ve always known I was since early childhood, is finally complete and full of joy and much contentment.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Elli Snow

      This is a subject I can rant on for hours, but to first answer your question, it was never an issue for me.  My little family has always been very supportive of each other, and all my siblings were taught that having a genetic connection wasn’t the same as family.  Family are those people that stand with you and support you whenever and however they can.

      Regarding the hater you’re dealing with, I would bet a couple years salary that they’ve never actually read the book they use to justify their hate, because I’ve never read anyplace where Jesus said anything about hating anyone.  About a half dozen rulers brought all the different sect leaders together and  had the bible re-written  in 6 or 7 councils between 300 CE and 1400 CE.  Before the first council ordered by the ruler in power, there were dozens of Christian sects and several hundred books used in their various holy books, and a lot of them contradicted others.  Each time the current ruler in charge brought all the different sect leaders together to re-write books or completely eliminate them to reduce the number of  contradictions and anything that made being a ruler harder.  Each time the number of sects were reduced and more contradictory information was edited out, and it’s still going on today.  The last major changes were made in 1604, by England’s King James I who ordered a new translation of the Bible aimed at settling more of thorny religious differences in his kingdom—and solidifying his own power.   It’s interesting to note that his original version had 80 books, but today’s version only has 66.  5 of those books discussed the <span class=”JCzEY ZwRhJd”><span class=”CSkcDe”> Maccabees</span></span>, who were the most influential in the removal of God’s wife and counterpart, <span class=”ILfuVd” lang=”en”><span class=”hgKElc”>Asherah</span></span>,  More coming about her later.

      I also find it interesting that while the original Christians were essentially sects or spinoffs from Judaism and took much from them, they also ignored a lot.  They took most of the Torah, but ignored the companion Talmud, which is 2000 years of scholars discussing their interpretation of the Torah.  Among other things, the Talmud recognizes 8 different sexes but a lot of the editing also reflected the biases of the rulers in charge.  For example, the section of Leviticus that is often used as an excuse to discriminate against homosexuality originally spoke against pedophilia, not adult sexual relationships.

      But enough of that for a while.  Let’s consider that the concept of a male god implies there is also a female counterpart.  In this case her name was <span class=”ILfuVd” lang=”en”><span class=”hgKElc”>Asherah</span></span> and was originally the feminine balance and counterpart, equally powerful and once equally worshipped. <span class=”ILfuVd” lang=”en”><span class=”hgKElc”> Deuteronomy 12 has Yahweh commanding the destruction of her shrines so as to maintain purity of his worship and also reinforced a patriarchal control of the population, something that also helped consolidate the power</span></span> of the governments.  There is a lot more to this story but lets move on to Adam.

      Did you know that Eve was Adam’s second wife?  His first wife was made a demon because ehe refused to do things of a sexual nature he wanted her to do.  On the other hand, Eve is both a clone and transexual since she was created from Adam’s genetic material and then had her sex changed.

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      Toni Floria

      I just got kicked out of my church for being me  now mother can’t deal with me  because I’m “detestable “ to god   I keep trying to focus on the scripture that says “love conquers all”  hang in there and be you

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      The folks that would object live on the other side of the country from me and they haven’t been part of my life for decades. Basically, they are just irrelevant and that is appropriate.

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