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      This is mostly for the other girls out there but I suppose my question would be..where do I even begin? I’m a late bloomer in accepting who I am and have very little in the way of support around me. I’m also constantly worried that I’ll never truly have a good image of myself even after transition since it can only change so much. I’ve got a very masculine, broad shouldered build regardless of the kind of shape I’m in and that makes me afraid I’ll not be able to look like the woman I want to be no matter what. If anyone could give me pointers on getting started and coping with my self image issues I’d be so thankful

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      Hi Sigrid, there’s really no official starting point other than where you are now.  Your Journey  is yours because you are a unique and special person with your own wants and needs.  Knowing where you want to be can take some time for you to develop and understand,  It’s a part of the journey that will help you to find and appreciate the woman you are.  What we suggest is that you continue building your network of resources such as TGH and working toward a local support network and a counselor to help you navigate your own path and dela with the issues you face, external and internal.

      Hugs, Ambassador Cloe

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      Hello Sigrid and welcome to TGH! As Cloe said your journey starts at the point where you are now. Mine began when I had that epiphany that I may have been assigned male at birth but should have been born female. That was a year ago and took 58 to realize it. So please feel comfortable here as there are many of us “late bloomers”. Take a look around and don’t forget to read some forum posts which interest you. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗


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      Dear Sigrid,

      I have been on this road for close to 50 years since I realised I had this girl inside me around age 6 and decided to give her a chance to evolve. Yet l do not know where my journey will eventually take me. I am thankfully blessed with a body that largely lacks the typically male caracteristics and thus quite easily make a passable woman. However my present family siuation makes transitioning unrealistic as it would require leaving my wife whom I love dearly. I therefore take my chanses to fully live out the woman inside when i can and keep her subdued most of the time.

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      Hi Hun,  Let me tell you what I do at 58.

      1st  I recruited some C.I.S. females I know and received make-up pointers from them. I then bought an airbrush for my base and eyes and practiced. # Amazon $65.00                                                                                     2nd I purchased some eye cream called plexaderm to shrink bagginess. Works awesome and even works on chin/throat skin ..                                       3rd  I  acquired a good mirror with round Hollywood style lights to see myself as others will/would.                                                                                       4th I purchased my clothes baggy to begin with until the Estrodiol caused my muscles to shrink. you will loose muscle mass girl # 1 to 1-1/2 years. Your face will also change … Stay healthy and eat very well. Drink soy milk for your breasts. And wash your face 3 times a day.                                                    5th  I acquired an A.P.L. a pulse light hair removal system and follow the instructions. You can burn yourself if not careful.  get electrolysis if you have the money. I cannot elaborate any more as I am about to under-go electrolysis myself for my surgery. (Part of my procedural care in Medicare in Michigan.) …                                                                                          Finally act exactly like you did before you decided to change Hun. Under advise of one of my close CiS girls .. She noticed us actually attracting attention by looking around for approval Sigred. I found that when you ignore everyone and simply go about your business as you normally would, people do the same girl. But on that same note, do not be afraid to see a psychiatrist. I actually look forward to seeing both of mine. (You will need to see a P.H.D. for your second letter of referral to a Dr. for Sexual Reassignment Surgery as well as upper breast and facial feminization.  If it all sounds like a lot, well it is Sigred. It is what we all must endure. And even more. The hardest part? Patience allowing your body to grow and change. Remove all but 1 mirror if your short on patience. It is much better to notice change than it is to look for it Hun.

      You asked, I told you some. Any more could overwhelm you into frustration and disappointment … Good luck and feel free to ask any of us all your questions Sigred.  And chat is awesome to pick up pointers as well                                         Huggz   Tia

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      Hi Doll; I’m also a late bloomer @ 59. I have been dressing for less than a year. I’m a Closet Girl so the only person in my life that knows is my wife who came home unexpectedly while I was fully dressed. I have moments where I’m content to Dress,?work on my walking and talking, while also developing my movements and mannerisms. Other times… I’m clawing at my Closet door door to step out and go to the coffee shop or stroll through the mall. But to tell you the truth… I don’t think I’m ready to declare myself. I actually like having both worlds without the extra drama. I like to tuck and prance around and explore the Wild, Wonderful Wold if Femininity but I have no ambition to transition. I honestly and absolutely have no How or Why I’v been bitten by the Femme Bug so late in life…. yes I have the struggle of “What’s Wrong with Me” but here I am chatting you up and offering a shared friendship of Crossdressing. We all have the adventure… helpful to not be alone. Keyboard Friends seems relatively safe.

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      1. Hi Sigrid Special name very feminate woman. We all have different body shapes All woman including you. Wide shoulders small hips is called inverted   triangle. We are about 5 per cent of the female population.  Google inverted triangle you will understand. Do not let your body shape delay you on your journey . Sigrid somehow you arrived here. You are asking questions. All woman including you have some type of body image issue. Unfortunately we have been given an image we have to attain to be considered a woman. Start with your brain it is really sad that some Cis woman believe as you do it is not achievable. Anything is achievable. I am witness to that. I am 65 years old. I have to deal with a tired sagging assed wide shouldered small hipped stubborn old man. I found out something now that I have accepted who I am. I now can see a blurred vision of a woman when I look in the mirror. I used to see only a man in a woman’s top .It was not pretty. Stay the course use TGH as a compass. I believe you will find home Luv Stephanie
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