How Would You Describe How You Dress?

How Would You Describe How You Dress?

Please Describe How You Dress; Not How You Would LIKE to Dress, But How You Actually Dress.

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  • In Style
  • Stylish
  • Considerably Younger Than Your Age
  • Younger Than Your Age
  • Approximately At Your Age
  • Luxurious
  • Hoochie Mama
  • Washed And Pressed, But Nothing Beyond That
  • Clothes Don’t Really Interest Me That Much


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    DeeAnn Hopings

    I know that trans folks are all over the map in how they dress when in public. I’ve never been one to try to blend in because I don’t think that is really possible for me. Therefore, I describe how I dress as Stylish, but probably never exactly In Style. I like styles from the 50’s up to the 90’s and have no problem with mixing eras. I have some jewelry that is 50 years old or more. I have dresses from the 60’s. It’s more about an attractive style and color that suits me personally and physically. Anyway, please do the survey and discuss why you do what you do, if you like…

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      I guess I’m just less exciting. For me, my life goal is to be the woman I am within, to blend in and join the invisibility of the middle-aged woman. I dress stylish, but I dress absolutely for my age, and I dress the same way the women in my town dress. I just want to be what I would have been if I were born a woman. I strive to be unremarkable, and I take great joy in that.

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      If I’m out and about it’s jeans or skirt , blouse , blazer and flats . Maybe heels depending on what the activtives are for the day .

      Going out for dinner with friends , blouse and long skirt , heels .

      Out for dinner on a date …little black dress or some other type depending on where dinner is .

      I will be turning 50 this month and it is still the same style I had 20 years ago and still works for me .

      Don’t really follow fashion trends at all . everyone has there own style so …



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      i like dressing really feminine skirts dresses and panty hose

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      I dress I can say like comfort able but when I go out I dress gangster you would say

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      I say I dress in an androgynous style mixing both genders together. I tend to dress my age, but there are times when I end up dressing like a 30-year-old gym bunny.

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      I’m 61. So when I say younger, I don’t mean the Juniors dept. I mean im not wearing stretch pants, tennis shoes, and a short ass ugly little white hairdo.
      Ladies my age look like a fat q-tips. White on both ends.

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      I always dress as appropriate for the area that I am going to and what other women would be wearing. Most women this time of year wear leggings to the grocery store so that is what I wear.  In the summer shorts or a skirt if my legs are tanned. I always try to look nice and wear clean clothing. Unless I go to home depot to buy some more of something to finish a project I don’t wear house clothes when I go out. Although 64, like most other trans females on HRT my mind says that I am a young and a vibrant female.  I have short skirts and long skirts and the short ones usually get worn.

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      I’m 63. Everybody says I’m looking a lot younger. So I try to dress young and stylish. I’m definitely not wearing clothes that is for a 20 year. I’m improving my figure in order to fit smaller and more beautiful dresses so I’m currently on a strict diet. No candy, chips, strips or bakery or anything else that is with lots of calories.  And very small portions. So far I have lost 15lbs an I plan to lose another 15 to 20 lbs at least. When ready I think I will have a rather small frame, close to petite. In my opinion looking like that I can use clothes that is for a little bit younger than my age and hopefully not looking to “aunty”. I have never been interested in male clothing, “it’s just for shielding”. I’m very interested in women’s fashion and clothing, and as a woman I really want to dress stylish but not to expensive.

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      Well, I am a lady of a certain age, but I refuse to wear pastel colours, Hotter shoes or anything that closes using Velcro! I love strong colours, russets, purples, green, blue and umber. I live in the country, so a normal day sees me in a top and flared skirt. Heels are 3 inches and below and boots, normally. Trousers not jeans, are normally loose fitting and tops tend to have sleeves, mainly because I seem to attract biting flies !!!!!

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      As a very large ( 6’4″ ) and not “passable” trans woman I don’t really give much thought to what other women wear where I live, a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Calif. I absolutely loathe wearing pants, especially jeans, don’t even own any now. I wear mostly skirts and dresses, although in the summer (often over 100 here) I wear shorts too. But I just LOVE wearing dresses! I don’t wear anything too fancy since it is so rural here, but just love wearing things that are colorful and flowing. Plus I learned a long time ago that long, flowing skirts make my hips look wider and de- emphasize my broad shoulders a bit. I guess you could say I tend to wear a lot of peasant, gypsy or goddess style skirts, tops and dresses. I almost exclusively wear flats, because heels aren’t very practical around here and since the covid thing started I don’t go anywhere except the store, post office or bank anyway. FYI, if your feet are as big as mine (women’s size 15-16) finding cute flats is excruciatingly hard! It seems like most women’s shoes in my size are made for fetish cross dressers, i.e. 5-6″ stilettos, thigh high boots, etc. Not very practical. I would never try to wear any heel over 3 ” outside my house. I’d be afraid I’d wreck my knees and/or ankles, especially being well over 250 pounds at the moment.

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      It all depends on the situation as I try to dress in a situation-appropriate way. If I am going out to dinner with a gentleman, something that doesn’t happen as much as I might like, I will wear a dress and my favorite pumps with a four-inch heel.

      Rikki Truesdell dressed for a dinner date

      But if I’m going out on a casual date, like meeting a guy at a sports bar, I will wear something casual, to blend in, like a long tunic over leggings or yoga pants along with my favorite retro-80s-style Rebook Freestyle high-top aerobic sneakers.

      Rikki Truesdell dressed for a casual date

      A few days ago I discovered D’Fyne, a Canadian women’s fitness magazine. It is aimed toward women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond (of which I certainly qualify for).

      That got me thinking… how I might look on the cover as their first gender-fluid cover model.

      Rikki Truesdell on a reimagined cover of D'Fyne magazine

      Girls, what do you think?

      Any older guys that stumbled in here that might be interested in dating me? If so, please read my profile and contact me.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      While I don’t do low cut or back out, I have no problem with short skirts, short skorts and short shorts. For variety, I do have some calf length and floor length pieces, but you have to factor in that I live in the desert with some summer days at 122F. Plus, I may BE old (71), but I have no intention of LOOKING old…

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      My wife uses that term “Hoochie Mama” i think it is cute. She once told me not to look like some “hoochie mama” when i was planning a shopping trip..She is always worried that i will buy and wear something that will not be appropriate for my age. All woman are young of heart. We all want to feel cute and be pretty. That is why we need other woman in our lives just to let us know in sweet way your not a teenager any more. I believe my wife’S interpretation is do not buy anything too short or that shows too much skin. In other words do not draw any attention to your self in a sexual way. “Girls want to have fun” luv Stephanie

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      Hi Girls,

      It sounds like I am one of the more casual gals so far.. My everyday attire consists of a pair of Lee or Levi’s skinney jeans, a top and I Love wearing high heel ankle boots. However, if I am going to work I wear Ladie’s Sketcher black work boots and every once in a while, I will wear an old pair of guy jeans if I’m going to get real dirty. (I don’t like messing up my nicer clothes.)

      When I first decided to begin cross dressing again after a 20 year break, I hit the stores spending way too much money on dresses, skirts, tops, hose and shoes and I rarely wear any of it now since coming out and living as a woman again. I think my taste in clothing has changed somewhat since deciding to transition and my lifestyle doesn’t warrant me wearing skirts and dresses daily. Maybe in time!?

      Also, I think I dress a lot like other woman in their 50’s, and maybe a bit younger. I get a lot of compliments on my footwear from other woman who tell me that their daughter would kill for my boots!!

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      One of the things I did when I first started my journey was to spend a lot of time observing women of all ages and studying how they dressed and presented themselves.  Unfortunately, I discovered that a lot of the women in my age group tended to be a bit “frumpy” when they were out in public.  I think that my Mother suspected something of what I was, because I can remember her making little comments to me growing up like “Ladies never to out with curlers in their hair”,  Lady always wears lipstick when she goes out”, and “Look your best when you go out”.  I tend to dress mostly a bit younger than my age, I’m not into the “Senior” polyester look.  I wear mostly skinny jeans or capris or shorts, depending on the weather – today is a shorts day in Florida, and a colorful t-shirt top or a bit more fancy top if I’m going to run errands.  In the summer, I move to tank tops.  When the mood strikes, I’ll head to one of my dresses and heels, mostly for when I’m out and about.

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      At 62 yo, I dress for my age but certainly not like a grandma, LOL.  Most people say I look 10, 15 years younger than I actually am but no way could I go around wearing the short dresses that women wear in their 20’s and 30’s.  Whether I’m in a cocktail dress or jeans and a blouse, I love to have a bit of elegance to my look that I think does come off as a lady in her 50’s.  Dressing that way allows me to blend in and be passable.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      In some ways I do dress a tad younger than my age, but as I suspect most women do that I am just dressing the same as my age group!   I dress for comfort and practicality (at the moment many layers to keep warm)  so I’m hardly stylish.

      If it works for me I’ll keep on wearing it, and when it wears out I’ll repair or replace it.

      Oh, and thanks (I think?) for introducing me to the term “Hoochie Mama”.  I guess being a Brit such things pass me by.


      Jasmine, the term refers to provocative clothes that one would wear for clubbing, but NOT limited to that situation.

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      In some ways I do dress a tad younger than my age, but as I suspect most women do that I am just dressing the same as my age group!   I dress for comfort and practicality (at the moment many layers to keep warm)  so I’m hardly stylish.

      If it works for me I’ll keep on wearing it, and when it wears out I’ll repair or replace it.

      Oh, and thanks (I think?) for introducing me to the term “Hoochie Mama”.  I guess being a Brit such things pass me by.

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      At home, quite simple but sexy.  I wear things I wouldn’t wear in public unless I was headed to a costume party!  Normally just an oversize t-shirt with some eye-catching pantyhose or tights.  I have a lot of fetish items like Zentai suits, Latex items, Cosplay and encasement type things.  As well, I have fetish shoes and boots with 8-12 inch heels and thick platforms.

      Socially, I prefer a knee-length long-sleeve dress and matching heels, or a skirt with a tunic or leggings with a tunic.  I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself, but compliments are always welcome.

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