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      I’ve been prescribed spironolactone  ,to reduce testosterone. Later estrogen replacement. Any problems with this plan,drugs?  Thanks

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      i have been wondering that, i am on durasteride and estradiol not started spira yet

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      Depending on the doctor, it’s a common approach in the US, but from what I understand, not a lot of the rest of the world, though it does vary. A lot of common thought is that spiro isn’t needed, and actually isn’t good to use. If you need an anti-androgen, there are other options (not all approved for US use). Some folks have seen good results with mono-therapy…just using estradiol. In any case, it seems that even if you are using spiro to start, once your T is suppressed and your E is in therapeutic range, that there is no more need for the spiro, or any other AA.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Always the best ‘sage’ advice for these things, is follow the doctor’s orders. And research and learn all you can on your own, so you can ask intelligent questions of your doctor. Michelle

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      Emily Alt

      As Evelyn stated, spiro is commonly used with estrogen in the US for trans HRT.  There’s some anecdotal evidence it inhibits breast development.  It also has significant side effects.  I did a ton of research before going on HRT and decided I would avoid spiro if at all possible.  My doc isn’t a fan and that’s one of the reasons I chose her.  I’ve been on EV monotherapy from the start.  E and T levels have been easy to maintain at therapeutic (female) levels.


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        I decided not to take the spiro.  Too strong. Just going with estro. We’ll see what happens.

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      While peoples bodies react differently to drugs always make sure that your taking the right drugs and the long term use of these drugs.


      Estrogen testosterone and even cholesterol have similar hydrocarbon structures and are steroidal in structure


      So always make sure of the long term effects of the drugs you taking


      Dr.   Phillysis Sanderson  MS. in organic chemistry and PhD in pharmaceutical sciences

Viewing 5 reply threads
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