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    Jessica Alexandria

    Good afternoon everyone. Anyone who’s read my articles and topics knows how important my feminine look is to me. I wanted to know… Will HRT & T-Blockers help my figure? Like, will it make my hips shapely, waist smaller and butt sexier? I know I will need to do my part and continue working out…like I’m doing yoga, and I have a waist slimming exercise and all. But will it help? Thank you to anyone who reads and/or replies. 💋

    💕 – Jessi

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      Maybe, more likely not so much.

      20+ on Gender affirming hormones and other than small breasts, I’m still a giant guy to the world.

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      Might I suggest using Chloe Tings 2019 Hourglass: Abs and Butt program. Its been doing wonders with my Butt and hips and I’m not on hormones yet. the more muscle you build down there, the better is will be when the fat covers it up.

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      Deep breath, dear.

      Ok, this is the physician in me speaking. I think your physician told you before prescribing the HRT that, yes, all those things WILL happen. It WILL be a slow and gradual process. Yes, your fat will redistribute. Yes, your butt will get girly!

      I just started hormones on my birthday, this past Christmas Eve! God, I wish my butt was cute TODAY, but I know it’s not, and I wish it would go really fast. It won’t, and I know that. Grrrrr… We are all just the same humans, all of us, dear.

      I said it before: we love you. Enjoy the journey.

      And, in my best doctor voice, let me say we’ll love your butt in 12 months! Take your selfies every month. Use the same pose, same location, same lighting, same clothing. You will be amazed at the transition if you scrutinize them in a serial manner.

      Repeating,…. enjoy the journey.


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        I haven’t been able to start yet. My appointment for diagnosis is the 1st. But I’m not a bit worried..gender dysphoria is quite obvious. I have just wasted a lot of time. I know, everyone keeps telling me I’ve got plenty. No one knows what tomorrow holds, but perhaps I do have plenty of time. It’s just I knew so young that I wasn’t right, and everyone I looked up to made me feel bad and ashamed. If I had done things differently, I could’ve interrupted this God awful deep voice process.. I could’ve hit puberty with my own girly figure…do I make sense or am I babbling? Sometimes I can’t tell. I know life has been crappy to all of us, I’m no different. But the, the pure ecstacy I get from just telling someone about Jessica and have them look at me and say, Really? That’s it? Oh John…Jessica…I still love you. That makes me realize how much I’ve missed out on. And I know I’m over emotional but for example I sit here crying my eyes out typing this. I can’t change the past, but I also can’t help wanting to. I don’t want a pity party so I think I should stop this now. You did answer my questions and I thank you so much… I’m sorry I took that left turn but I do feel better now. Lol, talk about Bi-polar… Thanks girl.. 💋


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