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      I am out to my wife and after many a conversation, some good and some bad, she has accepted me as me. She now fully supports and encourages me to move forward with my transition.

      However I am hesitant to come out to the rest of the world.  Especially my mother and two sons. It would crush me if they disowned me. So I continue on the endless see-saw, roller coaster ride.

      I have been on HRT for over two years which has help with my dysphoria considerably. One of the things I struggle with is the junk, down there….it shouldn’t be there, but it is! If I could just be rid of it then I could feel my normal feminine self and no one else would be the wiser when I have to present in the male mode.

      At my age, 68, and being that I have a loving and supportive wife I would go with having vulvoplasty surgery.

      My question to all you girls who have had this procedure what is the cost and how long was your recovery? I want to be able to pay for the procedure without having to finance it. Also I want to be prepared for the time I need to plan for recovery.

      Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You So Much.



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      congrats on your wife’s support dear


      I have not had surgery..yet..but does your insurance cover it? also look into your local gender clinic..my pcp said they often do procédures free or cheap that would be self pay

      good luck


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        I will have to check those options. Thank you for the suggestions.

        Hugs, Kelly

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      good luck sweetie.

      we girls need to help n support each other.  fingers crossed for you


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      Elli Snow

      I haven’t done any research lately on surgery cost, but you say you are 68, so I assume you are either on Medicare or the VA system.  Medicare pays for gender reassignment surgery now because some sued them a few years ago and won.  The VA doesn’t currently do this, but I expect them to start soon because all the services are doing gender reassignment surgeries now.  In the last month I have talked to active duty trans women in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.  All said they were covered for everything deemed necessary by their doctors.

      Regarding the junk, I’ve wished it gone for 40 years.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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