I declare! I love long pink fingernails!

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      My hands are horrible from work. I look at them and picture in my mind soft milky white skin and long beautiful nails with hot pink nails. Some day!

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      Michelle Lawson

      Bobbi, long pink fingernails….. Yep, LOL. Form me I’d just like to grow un-chipped, un-cracked, un-seperated fingernails….. Heck, if I could do that I’d be willing to paint them any color. But like anything else, that takes a lot of care and nurturing. So off we go, to try and make the simplest things in life more bearable….. Onward and upward…. Michelle

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      [postquote quote=101661]
      I do my nails, or have my nails done every 3 weeks, I have to say I love them. I beat up my hands with the work I do, I’m carpenter/ remodeling contractor, but the gel coat holds up, so I say do it, go for girl it will make you happy.

      Bigg Huggs


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      Hi bobbi…

      I too love long pink fingernails… 🥰

      Gen ❤

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      Pink is the best. I always said yellow was my favorite but recently a good friend was like “no it’s not.” I couldn’t argue. I haven’t painted my nails yet but have had pink toe nails for 6 months now? Even before I was out. Love it. I’ve never had a very manly body (thank god, lol) but it’s still a “man’s” body. Pink toe nails and…yeah…I’m so not a man. How did I ever think I was? lol.

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      I to am loving long nails.  I have been getting more and more into dressing and starting to go out.  Just over 3 weeks ago I contacted my niece to help me go out and get a mani/peti.  To ‘get away’ having nails colored I had them done in my collage colors (red and Yellow) with the nails lettered.  I _ S _ U _ CY, stands for Iowa State University and the  mascot Cy.  The fingers are in yellow  with letters in red and the thumbs are red with ISU on them.

      I have been working in drab with them for 2 weeks now and am most of the time so proud of them that I am showing them off.  Most guys are not big fans of my nails, but most  women are at least somewhat complimentery.  Even yesterday one young lady said they were pretty, still makes me smile just thinking about it.

      The longer nails are still taking some getting used to, typing out this post is taking more time than normal because with the longer nails I am often missing the key I intend to hit.

      My plans now are about a month from now when I and others around me are used to my nails that I will get them done again in a light pink or violet.  Something that is only really noticeable up close.

      .  . Cassie

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      Mine are pink and long always, pink just looks so good. I’m with you there bobbi haha

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Well, please allow me to upset the apple cart 🙂  I love long red fingernails, always have and always will,  the most recent ones were gel overlays on top of my own long nails, with accent nails in the transgender  flag colors.  Check them out on my public photo page.

      My TDoV long red nails

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      This is something I’ve been working hard on myself too! My nails are fairly brittle, so I started putting a strengthener on them, which made them glossy, and I loved. It’s also allowed me to get them to a length I like, though chipping/breaking them can still be an issue on the days I find myself doing more manual labor than normal. Over the last few months I’ve taken to keeping polish on them, usually a different color each week. I’m not technically out yet, but at this point most of my co-workers know I’m in the lgbtq community, and a couple of trusted ones know I’m trans. It’s been very liberating for me to be able to put color on them, and I hope the same will happen for you!

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      Pink, blue, black, purple, ohhh purrrrpleeee, did I mention purple?, and we cannot forget RED!!! I wear them all as does my better half. That’s something that requires purging and repurchasing again on an annual basis around here. We throw out four, then six, then eight. Close the cabinet and think to ourselves, that’ll do it, just need to replace those one. Come garbage day,  we grab the bags from the bathrooms, notice the polishes we planned to toss, and retrieve about six of them back to the bathroom closet.  Why is it so darn hard to just toss them out?

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      Toni Floria

      I ve been growing my nails out for the past couple of months been painting them with a neutral beige color getting the. Courage up to  go with a brighter color I had had my toes done for a while now  deep red gel coat  and I love it

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