I declare! I love long pink fingernails!

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      Mine are pink and long always, pink just looks so good. I’m with you there bobbi haha

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      I to am loving long nails.  I have been getting more and more into dressing and starting to go out.  Just over 3 weeks ago I contacted my niece to help me go out and get a mani/peti.  To ‘get away’ having nails colored I had them done in my collage colors (red and Yellow) with the nails lettered.  I _ S _ U _ CY, stands for Iowa State University and the  mascot Cy.  The fingers are in yellow  with letters in red and the thumbs are red with ISU on them.

      I have been working in drab with them for 2 weeks now and am most of the time so proud of them that I am showing them off.  Most guys are not big fans of my nails, but most  women are at least somewhat complimentery.  Even yesterday one young lady said they were pretty, still makes me smile just thinking about it.

      The longer nails are still taking some getting used to, typing out this post is taking more time than normal because with the longer nails I am often missing the key I intend to hit.

      My plans now are about a month from now when I and others around me are used to my nails that I will get them done again in a light pink or violet.  Something that is only really noticeable up close.

      .  . Cassie

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      i hid who i knew i was at 7 for 54 years. i still hid after i stopped lying to myself, for a time that is. last December i took the big leap, even before i went into public in a dress. i got my mails done. i figured that i can hide a dress at home but there was no way i could hide my nails anywhere. since i spent all my life working with my hands i ruined them, at least i managed to retain all my fingers and sometimes machines and i had special moments when that question was discussed. my nails are so bad they split down the middle and if i was very lucky i could actually keep a nail until it reached the end of my finger. Both maladies will never go away. i found a way to be the woman i am and save my nails. i have had to use an acrylic base just to have nails i am proud of. in two days i will take another step in my transformation, light pink with a french manicure. i have waited three weeks for this nail appointment. i will also have the same color of pink for my pedicure.

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      Pink is the best. I always said yellow was my favorite but recently a good friend was like “no it’s not.” I couldn’t argue. I haven’t painted my nails yet but have had pink toe nails for 6 months now? Even before I was out. Love it. I’ve never had a very manly body (thank god, lol) but it’s still a “man’s” body. Pink toe nails and…yeah…I’m so not a man. How did I ever think I was? lol.

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      Hi bobbi…

      I too love long pink fingernails… 🥰

      Gen ❤

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      My hands are horrible from work. I look at them and picture in my mind soft milky white skin and long beautiful nails with hot pink nails. Some day!

      I do my nails, or have my nails done every 3 weeks, I have to say I love them. I beat up my hands with the work I do, I’m carpenter/ remodeling contractor, but the gel coat holds up, so I say do it, go for girl it will make you happy.

      Bigg Huggs


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      Michelle Larsen

      Bobbi, long pink fingernails….. Yep, LOL. Form me I’d just like to grow un-chipped, un-cracked, un-seperated fingernails….. Heck, if I could do that I’d be willing to paint them any color. But like anything else, that takes a lot of care and nurturing. So off we go, to try and make the simplest things in life more bearable….. Onward and upward…. Michelle

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