I don’t know how to open up to my parents


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    Luna Wing

    So a few years ago my parents found out that I am transgender and I lied out of it. I wanted to know how I should open up to my parents.

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    Luna, I have found it takes family members time to process.

    The one thing I did was to change it up slowly to lesson the impact and so that they can see you are still you.

    A lot of us run into Transition full speed and that is fully understandable but we must allow people close to us the time to adjust.

    It’s taken nearly Two years for some of my family to come to accept me and I guess I may be fortunate, But by being considerate I can say I’ve lost no one.

    Best wishes to you as you navigate this and I hope they show you the compassion and respect you deserve.

    Hugs Cami xx

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     Stephanie Kennedy 


    Hi Luna. I do not know your parents but i feel confident in saying most parents only want their children to be happy with themselves. They know more than you think. Maybe their just waiting for you to ask for help . Their is no shame in asking for help in someting that is bothering you. Wether you begin your life as a women or a man begin your real life and be happy. I often wonder what my life would of been like as a woman. I know for sure i would of been happy at the very least. Living a lie is not really living. Please donot make the same mistake I made. There is no better people to tell the truth about how you feel. If they cannot help then there ate so many other source’s that can help starting with the one you are asking for help now. You did nothing wrong . You are not crazy. We all need help especially when dealing with the very basics, a question of gender. That should of been taking care of at birth. It was not for me and i suffered my whole life. Ask for help there is no need to suffer it is just wasted time.

    Best regards and much empathy and love Stephanie












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     Rachel Osgood 


    You face the same challenge that most of us have or will. I believe you just have to sit down with them and tell them. Their initial reaction may or may not be ideal but if they love you then they will, over time, adjust and accept who you are. Good luck

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