I gave back,helped out an employee of mine

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    Adrianna Baine

    I gave back,helped out an employee of mine.I saw he was struggling last month and came into my office one day.Does know I’m a fulltime CD,finally told me he is bigender asking me on coming out.Married with 2 sons and a family,I  told  him think it over.He did,told his family he is bigender wanting to live and dress as a woman fulltime.His family,accepted it.His wife and 2 sons,struggled with it at first,working things out which is going good.Comes to work as Lynn next week.

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      Adrianna Baine


      Good news is Lynn  is  much happier,I spent time with her yesterday.Her male wardrobe is gone,went good bye yesterday.My wife did have a talk with her wife on it yesterday,told  her Lynn  is  much happier and the same person still.Lynn’s 2 sons,doing better,they are 14 and 16.

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      CC Webb
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      What a wonderful thing to have the ability to do this fro someone else.  I can imagine loss of income would be a major fear both him and his spouse.  Knowing for certain that you have bosses support should alleviate those fears, but from experience of having an LGBTQ boss it remains a concern day to day and far more than just worrying if you’re doing your best at the job.  It’s just as much about the backup plan if things do turn sour.  Loss of privilege is real so fear of eroding income potential is present on top of employment access as a transgender person.  In retrospect I should have been in my bosses office weekly doing check ins the first.


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