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    megan McMahon

    When i was growing up, even as a child, i loved women in hats. i got most of my input from the many adorable women in the films i loved, the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s. so now after spending 60 years as a man i have the visual proof, receding hairline. the hats i always loved seeing on women are now not just an admiration. they are in my wardrobe. i have 12 hats for every possible outfit i wear and am always looking for others that catch my eye. i have a replica of the hat in ‘breakfast at tiffanys’ and some every woman in the 50’s or 60’s might have worn. i also have the big floppy hats that just look good. i even have a beret just in case i ever get an outfit it would go with. it helps that i live in a desert and hats are just plain needed, so why not look good at the same time i conceal my bald spot and declare the person i lied about all those wasted years of believing what others told me.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      I am also a hat wearer. The introduction, however, was a bit unusual.

      I lived in Corning, NY. One Saturday I had planned to go to a wig shop over in Elmira. At the time, I had one hat to my name. I had it for a month or 2, but had not worn it. I would wear wigs, but I needed my wife to help me put them on as I don’t have full motion in my wrists, elbows and shoulders due to arthritis. As I neared getting dressed, I went to look for my wife. I looked out a window just in time to see her backing out the driveway! After thinking for a moment, I decided to wear the hat as I had no other choices. Since I didn’t know where she was going, I had no idea if she would be back in time for me to make it over to the wig shop before they closed. A few months later I started to accumulate hats. That was in the last year before I retired.

      After we relocated to the SoCal desert, I decided that wigs and desert heat didn’t work for me and I’ve been wearing hats and baseball caps almost exclusively ever since moving here 5 1/2 years ago. I had to chuckle a bit when I learned that sometimes I am referred to as The Hat Lady!

      Since moving to the desert, I’ve accumulated 18-20 hats of different kinds. Sun hats, planter’s hats , some snap brims, outdoor activity hats and a number of baseball caps. As a MINI owner, some of the baseball caps have their logo. Being a longtime motorsports fan, I have a couple with the HOOSIER Racing Tire logo. Unfortunately some hats are of materials that you cannot clean and I tend to sweat a fair amount. That leaves a darkened area and those are being phased out. There is a trade off as the more expensive ones tend to made of materials that can be cleaned.

      The 2 outdoor activity hats have neck straps and I often wear those when it is windy and I’m outdoors for some time. Wouldn’t do to expose what little hair that I have! An example of that would be attending the collector car auctions here. The auction is conducted under a big open tent, but the cars are on display outside.

      For the last few years I have been cutting my hair very closely. I haven’t tried shaving yet, but I may be talking to my barber about that in the near future.

      While I sort of fell into this, it is completely appropriate given my attraction to vintage clothes. The bulk of my wardrobe is from the 90’s on down to the 60’s; the earliest being a Butte Knit double knit sweater dress from the late 60’s. People tend not to wear hats these days as part of one’s ensemble. I have no problem with being distinctive…

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      thanks for the offer of sites to get hats. i would love the information. as for the hat i looked it up online. i have seen it in many movies. it is a beautiful hat and is a good size for the need of less coverage.

      on another subject. thanks for making my first chat session so good. i knew i was welcomed there within the first few minutes. it was exactly what i needed at the time.

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      Michelle Larsen

      Megan, I have a Russian Navy black ushanka and that is about it. But I have come across many websites that have all sorts of vintage and replica hats. Let me know if you are interested. Hugs, Michelle

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