I think I have PCOS

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      Have any of you had to deal with PCOS? I plan to see a gyno soon because I suspected I might have it? Obviously, I can’t self-diagnose but according to the listed symptoms I check every box.

      I don’t know how this is going to affect my hrt because I plan to speak to a specialist soon. Even though I’m trans, I don’t necessarily consider myself a “man”. Just male. I’m still quite femme(both by choice and not always by choice) and I enjoy being that way. I just want to make some… alterations.

      I can do without it, I guess but I at least want the option, should I choose to go through with it after speaking with a doctor.

      I have gained so much weight, I went from a couple, somewhat invisible chin hairs to a whole field of hairs, which neither I or my partner like. The hair removal has left me with very large dark areas on my skin. So, even when the hair is not there, I still have to wear foundation to hide it. Something I never had to do. It’s embarrassing.

      I know everyone experiences trans identity differently and mine, despite identifying as a he, is femme. I do like the idea of presenting more male but… It’s so hard to explain.

      Someone please help or at least tell me you understand.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Serajti, being transfemale, I haven’t, nor will I ever, have PCOS. So I don’t know much about it other that to say you should certainly seek medical care. As to whether or not that will have any bearing on you HRT plan, only a medical professional can tell you that. Being primarily a social site for transgender support, we do not have medical specialist for you to talk with. Just transgender people that have life experiences of their own to draw from. I hope that helps. Michelle

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        I didn’t expect any medical diagnosis. I was looking for ftm trans people who may have dealt with pcos and could tell me their experiences. Google can only do so much. I plan to make an appointment Monday. I just wanted to hear from other female or formerly female-bodied individuals that have actually had it.

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