ICD11 changes

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    Danielle Fox

    ICD11 changes
    I have read that the ICD11 has been released and modified – excerpt from a psychology today article;
    The ICD-11 uses the term gender incongruence instead of the DSM-5 term gender dysphoria or the now-out-of-favor ICD-10 term transsexualism. Beyond the name change, the huge shift in ICD-11 is that gender incongruence is no longer classified as a mental disorder. However, it’s important to realize that gender incongruence has not been removed from the ICD-11. It has simply been relocated from the mental disorders section to a new section on conditions related to sexual health that also includes sexual dysfunctions and sexual pain disorders. The idea is to destigmatize gender incongruence and highlight it as a strictly medical, rather than psychological, issue. Of course, debate continues over whether gender incongruence/dysphoria should be a diagnosable condition at all—but with access to hormone therapies and gender confirmation surgery typically requiring a gender incongruence/dysphoria diagnosis, transgender advocacy groups such as the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) support maintaining such a diagnosis in ICD-11, especially given its reclassification as a condition related to sexual health.
    This paragraph explains how I feel and even though I use transgender in my vocabulary I am not crossing genders. I am not male inside! I am female! My sexual genitals noted at birth made me male according to my birth certificate.
    I do agree that our condition is difficult to describe and I also agree that we were pre-wired in the womb. I did not choose my sex but I did choose my gender at a young age of 7!
    I am hopeful that this change to the ICD will torpedo that idiot in the White House and his bigoted plans. This is crucial for all of us that his changes not be made law. Since almost every hospital, medical facility, doctors office, and insurance company use these codes for billing and diagnostic reasons any change in law will go against all of the current processes which have been in place since 2015. All medical and medical billing software uses the ICD so all software would have to be replaced if the current administration gets this passed as law!
    Henceforth I will use gender identity instead of transgender. My gender identity is female and proud of it.

    What is your own label or term?

    Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗

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      Miss Cloé

      I’m with you Danielle, I am not crossing my gender.  In fact I love my female gender and after all, how does one cross their gender.  I don’t even think it’s possible and more than DNA can be changed with current science.  But what I can do is change my sex since it is merely a physical attribute, not to downplay the mental and physical hurdles that come with it.  I find the prefixes of cis and trans to be inadequate as they do not convey and active process.  They are static.  My goal is a static state of female gender and female sex and if DNA could be changed that would be female too, whatever that would even mean given the myriad variety even among women.  But, I am in an active state of change.  The word that best expresses this to me is convergent.  I’ve already change my presentations to align with my gender and am actively changing my sex. these two facets of my journey are helping me to move my essence toward the singular condition of being female.  Without being to change my DNA I will never achieve that goal 100%.  But honestly, 3 out of 4 is a lot better than 1.  So I see myself as a convergent female.

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        Very nice Cloe. I read your reply to the post in CDH on DeAnn’s post. Awesome by the way and I can seriously relate and totally understand sis. I hadn’t thought of this struggle in that light but it fits the scenario much better than trans! Crossing is just not right if we are know we are female inside and see our gender as female then there is no crossing over. As you said you are just adjusting a physical property by the GAS (Gender Affirmation Surgery) (I love this term because it is affirming what you already know and your gender). Rock on sis! Love ❤️
        Danielle 💋👠

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      Lol dear, yes I do know your label, but the real moniker may not be suitable for civilian consumption, and you are in my heart and prayers. Get well sis because we have many many topics to discuss! Old warriors are the best warriors because they did it right and have so much to teach whoever will listen! My own opinion mind you. Get well my friend, don’t make me come up there and make you chicken soup and some hot totties! Chat with you soon sis!
      Love ❤️ Danielle 💋👠👗👜

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      Hi Danielle…….I think you know what my “label is”.  I yam what I yam….and that’s all that I yam.  Sorry Popeye….but I call a spade a spade and a shovel an f…ing shovel.  No cutsie/inoffensivee blabber from me…….I’m old, I fought for freedom and straight talk not weasel-speak. Look after yourself, honey!

      Healing hugs and kisses the boos better.

      Mother Dame Veronica.

      Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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