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      Michelle Lawson

      Nope, this isn’t a poll about Cher’s greatest hits. Nor one about whether or not you like to go back in time and begin transitioning earlier. Nope, this is about the 800 pound gorilla in the room; old age. Let’s face it, we have the same ‘getting older’ issue that every human has to face. But being transgender can put a new twist on things.

      The question is then, would a Group here at TGH, dedicated to discussing topics that the retired, or soon to be retired, older transgender members would like to see, be of benefit? If so, please vote yes, and with enough interest, we will gladly make it so….. Hugs to all, creaking bones, or not…..

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      Toni Floria

      Great idea hope it happens us older girls could use the help thanks

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        Michelle Lawson

        Well Toni, vote then… 🙂 Hugs

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Well, since Maybe isn’t a choice…

      Anyway, it all depends upon where my mind is at any point.

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Hi Michelle,
      Well, even though everyone says I don’t look it, and even though my cardiologist tells me, that by transitioning, I’ve added another 15 years to my life, the odometer of this old girl is two decades past the half century mark.
      I haven’t retired and I’m already collecting some of my pension, but my current full time job is truly the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had! I work, as a woman, in an environment that is made up of at least 85% women. It is a government office building and I am the site supervisor for security. I get to interact with all these women on a daily basis, they have all accepted and affirmed me, and view me as the woman I’ve always known I was.
      I truly believe that, for me, this amazingly wonderful situation has been like an elixir of youth, it has turned back the hands of time!
      But, we can all share a few of our aches and pains that do, inevitably, show up from time to time. So…
      Yes! We need a forum dealing with geriatric transwomen, because we know, in the recesses of our minds, that we’re all going to get there eventually.

      Hugs girls, big hugs!

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Charlene K

      This is a wonderful idea. Often I look at younger transitioned women and wish. I wish I knew “then” what I know now so possibly I could have avoided all the encumbrances that are mine today.

      But I didn’t and here I am. I accept that I am a woman at my core level, but I also accept that I have numerous relationships with people I love that count on me being a man for them.

      To live authentically is so profoundly a part of me, but so is living realistically for others. To part of. group that understands those burdens of possible late transition or at this point non-transition womanhood would be so helpful.

      Thank you for the idea and the possibility.



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        Michelle Lawson

        But don’t forget, the hope for this Group is to provide information and resources that us ‘older gals and guys’ need to know in order to grow and thrive in our golden years. Days past are just that, days past. Yesterday is in the books, and we need the knowledge for today and the future. Hugs

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      Michelle Lawson

      I’ve been doing a little noodling around the internet, looking for graphics and images to use with the Group if it gets created….. And I’ve started to have an eyeball out for info and topics to start populating it with. So, if anyone has any suggestions… Hint, hint…..

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        I do think a senior group would be interesting and helpful.   There seem to be a lot of us that have, as seniors,  finally come to grips with being transgender.   I know in my case, I managed to live in denial for decades, and always with a hidden fear (and desire) to come out and live as a woman.

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      Guess I am the only one who voted no.

      First of I am not in the age group of being a senior but soon to be retired if I can manage it. Problem is most people who are retired are in the non-internet generation and by no means are in the new social media type of internet. However as the leading edge of X’ers hit this retirement window they might be interested in an online group and as TGH is such an old school type of internet platform it tends to attract the aging X’er as it works with their clunky thinking of BBSs, pagers, and emails. I am sure most 60 year olds right now remember Atari 800’s, Commodore 64’s and Nintendo NES’s. However the wide spread typical forum/FB users are not retired quite yet, when this happens there might be more need for such a group geared toward seniors. A better type of group geared toward seniors would be a face to face type group where having a drink and a bit of rock and roll where people hang out is a better concept as this will fit the mind set of a retired senior more than an online thing.

      Part two of my response is that, and maybe this is just me, but all the TGH Groups I am part of are a flop. They have poor interaction, and are structured like that crapy FB thing, also for such a group to flourish you need a core of at least 3 to 4 active members who like to type and chat it up in a permanent manner, ie. TGH’s Chat feature is not a lasting/permanent thing as it is more like a phone conversation or text vs. say a Forum post or an Article here. Is there a way to structure the TGH Groups so they would be more appealing toward seniors?, sure but that really needs a motivated dynamic individual who, especially if from my generation, is set with one, two, or maybe three duties/jobs at most to really focus on. As an X’er tends to be a late Analog to early Digital type thinker, and the leading edge of them are mostly Analog, this means really just a few focuses in life at a time. And I do not know about you all but I am one busy girl, however a retired person who has nothing better to do might enjoy the task for a time, however again as every newly retired person that I know seem to get far busier in life doing all the things a 40 year career would never let them do, so unfortunately the retired senior is usually focused else where in life then in an online community.



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        I am a retired person I love to dress and be as ladylike as I can be. I found out very early on I loved to dress and act like a lady. I am at my happiest when dressed with another person with me. I do not want a relationship with another man but I do enjoy fun with another person like myself.
        When I was young it was against the law to have same sex fun. You could be beat up if you were caught by others. Or taken to court and shamed. You dare not go out in and opposite gender clothing or you were beaten up. We all had to learn to suppress our feelings and our shall we say querks or hobbies. Because we hid everything it was only seedy places you could go and you were always labelled a pervert, poof, homo or transvestite. They were the only names about at the time. In the 1970’s they used to go poof rolling which was not a good time to wear a dress skirt lingerie and heels. I still keep my dressing and my fun to myself. I do not think I am the only one who is and feels this way. Or am I

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        Miriya, I really liked your response.  I’m a little late here since I tend to hang out more at CDH (even though I’m intersex and full time).  I’m retired and still think I’m 37 and yup, I’m more busy now than ever before.  I did have to laugh when you mentioned C64 since I have a framed one (well it’s really shadowboxed) on my wall and clearly remember attending Video Toaster demos given by the spellbinding Kiki Stockhammer.  My wife and I now laugh when we discuss attending the launch party (and it really was a great party!) for an unknown company called Pixar that we thought would never get the funding to become anything.  Anyway I do like to hang out at parties, bars and conferences and drink and dance to the best roadhouse music around.  So, I’ll be speaking at Atlanta Comfort Conference and probably Keystone too so if you’re around I’ll buy and we can exchange roadie stores or toast marshmallow’s over a punchcard fire.  Marg

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          You know I live about 60 min away from the Keystone Conference and have been meaning to go for years, but I never seem to make it, and Southern Comfort has been on my bucket list for even more years then Keystone. If I ever do find the time I will try and let you know.

          And I was an Atari 800 computer geek back in the day, only the cool kids had the 64. I remember programing a video game called Candle at about eight years old. So simple it would not be called a game anymore, but basically a visual game where you move a jar over the candle and watch the oxygen disappear, and if you do not lift the jar fast enough the candle would go out. LOL. To really date myself we even had the original Pong game for the TV. But like my dear mother I am still in my twenties so I have no idea what you are talking about.


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            That sounds like a plan.  I’ll get my pong out of the basement and we can spin dials as we reminisce on machine language and chunky b+w graphics



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            Gawd, I hated programing in machine language, did a project for the outdated navel aircraft carriers long ago and they had it all in Turbo Pascal and Machine Code to talk between systems, huge pain in my rump it was. I did my candle game in Assembly and that was not any better. Of course now I think all the modern gooey interfaces are horribly inefficient as well. Guess that is why I got out of the computer field.

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      Michelle Lawson

      You voted, and we have delivered. I give you  the SeniorTrans Group – https://transgenderheaven.com/groups/seniortrans/. So join and enjoy…… Hugs

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      Elli Snow

      Interesting that you suggest this and I just found out there is a group from the Bloomington Pride organization called The Rainbow Elders. Given that I’ll start my 7th decade in 5 months it’s probably a good idea here, too. I can’t claim to be facing any age related issues yet, but since I’ve already learned this adventure I started a couple years ago is easier with company I’ll likely be present if it happens.

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