I’m Sophia, I am not sure what to do

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    Sophia Lawson

    I’m not really sure what to do. So, I am in the military currently and I have also been self medicating on hormones male to female, idk I guess I was shy or scared or something to talk to a doctor at the time. I have a diagnosis of gender disphoria from two separate doctors. anyways the military found out and now I am afraid that they are going to want to see a valid prescription and medical records from out in town. I have no idea where to go from here. Does anybody have any suggestions please and thank you 

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     Genny Beau 


    Sophia, I need more info to be of any help.  Who is they?  If they are military Doctors, I would be honest as you should be protected by HIPPA to a point.  Medical personnel are usually more understanding than others.  If you want to talk more directly feel free to eMail me at [email protected]


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       Sophia Lawson 


      So basically, I talked to a good friend of mine that has recommended me attempt to see a civilian doctor and get a valid prescription. I am worried that I will not be able to do it in time and I am afraid that the military will try to hem me up for substance use or something crazy like that. I am just really stressed out. I have no idea what to do honestly.

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         Stephanie Jones 


        Just a thought, but if you are ready to come out, which I think you are by the sounds of things(?) it might make sense to make a point – that being born two-spirited, or however you think of yourself…. well, you’ll never have a better time, than the times we live in, right now. Trans is in… support groups,  trans rights… the stars are aligned for you, my friend.


        Stephanie xo


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