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      Soren C


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      Michelle Lawson

      Soren, I know that a lot of the members will update their profile with things about themselves in order to help others get to know them. It goes a long way to starting that first conversation. And there is an FtM chat room as well to help with that initial, “hi, my name is…..” step. Michelle

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      MtF and I am a He/Him



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        Jan Janet

        I am a straight cross-dressing male because I really like pretty things. there’s no mistaken me for a she, I’m staying a guy in girls clothes untill assignmentsurgery, that is. I love it when it is so exciting. In that embarrassing moment, I’m thinking, ‘don’t straighten out your wig; don’t straighten out your wig’, and my heart’s beating a million miles an hour. But, you know, I love my smooth legs, and pretty earings then, i feel a bit of compassion for that person and remind myself, that used to be me.

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      I am She/Her

      I think the most embarrassing thing for me with Pronouns was that when I went to my very first gender group meeting and while already barely able to attend because of being so nervous wearing a bra and women’s shirt out in public to get there, I had no clue what a pronoun was because English class was a weakness through school. So when entering the room and told to write my name and pronouns on my name tag, I had to ask the gender group leader what probably no one else has ever had to ask in a gender group of…. “excuse me… but… what is a pronoun?” She then thankfully didn’t make fun of me and gave me a list of them and then I was like OK… Thank You… I am She /Her.

      Never thought being a C- student in english class would have such embarrassing consequence later in life, but very thankful there were no laughs and everyone in the room the 12 people were nice and welcoming when if there was laughter I might have walked out and left.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      You found us! Very Good!

      Without knowing more about your situation, it is hard to comment or make suggestions. However, are you connected with any trans groups in your area? Isolation happens in our community all too often and is a continuing problem. Working against that is also part of the reason that this site exists. One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic, and there are precious few, is that many organizations started doing their support groups and social gatherings on line. Perhaps that may be a way to connect with people event though you may not be geographically close.

      You can also search for other members by clicking on Social in the menu and then Member Directory. That can also help to build your network.

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