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      Hey all, I’m Anna and I’ve just decided to begin my transition through HRT.  If I’m not satisfied with the results I’ll have breast implants. I don’t feel that bottom surgery is economical at my age of 69.

      I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for my whole life with no relief whatsoever from medication, electro shock therapy, or counseling. The only response to the medication was a foggy brain. Once I quit taking it I came to the conclusion that I’m not some gay guy that likes women’s clothing.

      I only have one friend and both she and my family are not going to be accepting as they are extremely religious so I hope to find a support system here and make some new friends.


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      Prepared to walk from my family after daughter graduates post- secondary early Jube as want to be Steohanie not Steve so together we are brave to believe being ladies more important than unloving family or friends

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        Congratulations on your decision to be the person you need to be, while not being enslaved to the opinions of family, friends, and church.  You can’t really change who you are.  Bobbie

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      Hallo Anna I am very sympathetic with your situation you must have had a really hard time. I am nearly 83 years old but its only the last ten years I have female feelings, but I am married and it is too late for me another thing I am not happy about taking HRT due to the scary side effects. However I wish well love and all the best.
      Love Helen xx

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        Hello Helen.

        After reading your response to Anna Mitchell’s post, I wanted to share with you a little of my situation.  I will be 80 in May, lost my prostate to cancer 20 years ago, and lost my wife 16 months ago.  After she passed, I was able to complete a part of the transition to my female persona.  I’m Bobbie in my mind and in body as much as possible, but the prostate cancer and a blood clot have most medical professionals advising against HRT, which really disappoints me.

        I think the many of us who suffer from prostate cancer have an accelerated hormone imbalance that, together with advanced age, cause us to become more completely embrace our fem side than others of our generation.


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      You will find friends here. I know it’s not the same as face-to-face, physical contact friendship, but the women here will understand and sympathize with and celebrate your femininity, because we share your experience and feelings. Best of luck to you, and welcome to the community.


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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Glad you found us!

      I looked at where Peru is located and it seems that you are in the middle of not much. As such, it can be difficult to get connected with the trans community. So, in order to maximize your situation, I suggest 4 things:

      • Being here is a great start!
      • Check the member database to see if there are any other members who are relatively close. You can do this by clicking on Social in the menu above and then click on Member Directory.
      • Do an internet search for LGBT centers. As a result of the pandemic, many LGBT centers started doing support and social gatherings online. That’s a great way to address distance, transportation and scheduling issues. I participate of a weekly women’s chat group hosted by the LGBT center in Palm Springs. I live in the adjacent town of Cathedral City and we get women calling in from Riverside (the county seat), Las Vegas, Seattle, San Luis Obispo, western Michigan and Lincoln, NE along with residents from this area. The ones who live elsewhere want to maintain ties with the area as they may vacation here with some frequency, have a 2nd home here or are thinking of relocating here. Anyway, casting a broad net for other trans people may be helpful.
      • Also in the menu is Places. Members have passed along the names and information of various resources in their areas for medical help, makeovers, support groups, entertainment, etc. Have a look there to see what is available in Indiana.

      Let us know how things develop for you.

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      Hello Anna,

      Welcome to our TransGender Heaven (TGH) site: A Wonderful, Accepting, Loving, Helpful Community where you can be safe and be yourself.
      The Warmth, Compassion and Hospitality of our community members can be found throughout the site.
      You can read about the knowledge and experiances of others on a similar path by reading articles and in the forums and chatting in chat rooms.
      My hope is that you will become comfortable here and make many new friends.

      Glad you are here,
      Terri Anne, Ambassador

      ======= Here is a link to the MtoF Chat room: ========

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      Welcome, Anna,

      You may have to ditch people who won’t try to accept you. I only had one family member who refused to, and I ditched him.

      I don’t blame you about the SRS, not everyone is a good candidate for that surgery. I chose not to have it, there are other things that I choose to spend my money on, like leaving my wife a nest egg, for one.

      I chose to halt the hormones too. The results were sketchy, and the side effects didn’t seem worth it.

      We all need to stick together, with states trying to ban us from even existing, it’s not getting any easier. Mine, Florida, is one of the worst, we actually have a fascist who is terrorizing students and parents and teachers in the Governor’s mansion.

      Best wishes

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