Issues with Binding and being Comfortable in the body I am stuck with

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    Kai Kite

    Hi, I am Kai. I just joined this site in hopes of getting further knowledge and advice. I recently came out to my family about being a male and they don’t seem to really believe me. I started binding and it hasn’t really been useful. I want to hide my female chest, but with DDD in cup size, that is a major setback. I hope I can get some good advice on how to expand my horizon and maybe find a better binder.

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      Waynelle Schmidt


      Hi, I am Waynelle & I wish I could have your breasts, as I want to be female. If you or another F2M are Christians, then I have a solution! The Bible says that if 2 Christians can agree on something that is good, then there is a good chance that God will grant our desire.  So, if you want to give me your breasts & ask God to do that, & give me permission to ask for them also, then there is a better chance that God will do that (without surgery) when we both ask in faith & believe that God is able to do that.  I am hoping to find a person who believe that is possible. send a reply if you will believe God will do that!!!!     thanks,   Waynelle

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      Sarah Daniels


      Kai, maybe talk to a few of the older (longer term FTH Men we have and see if they have advice for you.   Pop into chat and see if theyre there.  we have a Male only chatroom for you guys to use.   Its free of the MTF stuff (but you can still hang in the main chatroom if you like) and you guys can talk about your issues


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