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    Lawren Peace

    It was natural!

    I had tried so many times, year after year, practicing, trying different ways, without really getting it.

    For years I’ve worked on “the walk.” When I go for my daily walk, I practice the sway of the hips, the feet one in front of the other, the swing of the arms with a feminine twist.

    I thought I had achieved a fair amount of success. I might not look like a perfect cis-woman’s walk, but I felt like I could display the obvious intention of being a woman.

    Until today.

    As I started walking down the road through my neighborhood in leggings, running shoes, and enough insulation to protect me from the winter cold, I found my body integrating the past 6 years of practice and practice and practice.

    In the beginning, I would only practice when I was in sections of the road not visible to the houses. Eventually, over the years, I became less and less concerned with anyone seeing me as a sissy. When I came out over a year ago, my walk was practiced in any and every circumstance.

    I knew the look I wanted to portray. A swing in the hips, a bit of sashay, without looking ridiculous. I watched women walking and realized there was a variety of styles, not just one. I played around with each, trying to get a look that was casual and consistent.

    But it took effort. It wasn’t natural.

    Until today.

    As I started my walk, my body seemed to -finally – get the idea, shed it’s decades of testosterone training, and get it’s girl on in a smooth and natural swing. It was glorious! Gender euphoria.

    To the outsider, it might have been almost indistinguishable, but I’ve learned from observation that this is the sign of the natural feminine walk.

    And not only were my legs totally in the groove, my arms seemed to naturally begin a gentle swing with the elbows in, and the hands out, wrists slightly bent.

    I didn’t even have to try. It was all part of me, my true self, the expression of my feminine nature, and not mere affectations or adopted mannerisms.

    As I kept going on my mile+ route, I wondered if the walk would disappear as quickly as it had showed up. Was it an aberration? Would I return to a world where it would take effort and concentration to hold a feminine gait?

    It kept going. And going. And going.

    This was my Victory March.

    Anyone have a similar experience? If you haven’t yet, know that there is hope. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. Keep practicing!


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      i am beginning to understand myself and that means feeling feminine with my heels, makeup and i can handly wait to see my ex girlfriend and show her me. she likes to go shopping and hope we can become girlfriends

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      Congratulations, your hard work has paid off. I think you really have to be in the right frame of mind, and not take yourself too seriously while you practice, i certainly don’t, it can feel like Ill never get it.  I agree that its all about feeling natural, relaxing and letting go of the years of male stomping lol


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