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      So after staying away for what became a year I’ve ended my voluntary exile. I did this to accommodate my wife’s wishes, her belief was that being on this site made me want more than she is willing to live with. Our relationship has settled down to a somewhat acceptable level. At least as far as she is concerned. I still want much more, but am for now willing to continue at this level. I have been underdressing every day for over two years, at home and at work. I present to my wife in a man’s t shirt with a full chest. All my jeans are women’s jeans and I just love them. Still, time is flying by, I’m 64 and I want (need) more. She has told one of her friends (with my permission) that I’m transgender, so she has someone to talk to. So I think the time is approaching for me to take things a little further. The next step so to speak. To include going out dressed. I’m on the slow track that’s for sure, but hopefully the train is still moving. Hugs Katie

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      As the saying goes: “You’re not the first, any you won’t be the last.”. That’s the reality of it. Many have been through just this kind of situation. That doesn’t make it easy, just common. It requires figuring out what sort of balance can be struck between you and your wife. It’s a different equation and solution for everyone.

      I can understand the situation from your wife’s perspective. Early on there is no way that anyone can predict how things things are going to go. Uncertainty is always an issue.

      Many have sought the assistance of a therapist in order to get a better understanding of their situation. But, finding someone with experience in gender issues is important.

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      Toni Floria

      I can totally identify with your situation I went thru a a year of “conversion therapy “ to save my marriage after 46 years my beloved wife passed away with a heart attack   It’s been over a year my desire to dress is back with a vengeance I’m still coming to grips with a practice which is so taboo but which feels so heavenly  hang in there   Hugs Toni

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      Katie, you need to be talking to your wife about this. Go slow, tell her how much you love her and need her to try to understand your needs . Hopefully she will accept some middle ground at the least.

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