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    Per Rexa

    I think I’m posting this in the right place. I hope so!!!!

    dilemma. I’m right at the bottom of the size for men’s jeans. Like…. 28”w. If u wanna know why, see my profile.

    Anyway, this is a problem bc there are few styles available as u scrape the bottom of the size barrel and often I get pushed into boy’s sizes, which tend to have too short legs.

    Then yesterday in a blinding flash of inspiration, I thought, heck, why not just go for female sizes? So like, 28”w is abt a size 10/12, I’m led to believe.

    But, is that all there is to it? What about length? I’m a 30” leg. Where is that specified in women’s sizing?

    and then there’s hips and thighs

    what should I expect were I to order a size 12, getting the waist right, what abt the other measurements?

    i always prefer low rise jeans. If I bought size 12 low rise, would they……. fit…… around the front area?

    then, too, on my journey of discovery, does buying/wearing women’s style jeans slot me into a transvestite category?

    i like soft jumpers/pullovers. If I buy a women’s one, is that transvestite?

    sorry. Tl:dr. How do I buy jeans for my smaller size?

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      I found this useful to start with:

      caveat: sizing vary between manufacturers and retailers, you always hear ladies complain about this.

      I tend to go for M&S for skinny jeans and jeggings at the moment.   I used to wear men’s Levi’s but as I gradually changed my wardrobe I went for lower price, reasonable quality until I am more confident in my look


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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Good that you dropped in. Hopefully this will prove to be a good place for you to be.

      So, jeans…

      The easiest thing to do is go to the web site for a given brand or find the items on a department store web site. There will usually be a size chart. There will also be instructions on how to take your measurements. I do not recommend that you trust numeric size designations or the small, medium, large thing. There is no such thing as standard sizing in women’s clothes. That covers between manufacturers and even within a given manufacturer.

      I often recount a personal experience. I have 5 dresses from a brand by Sharagano; same style and same fit. However, the labels say size 16, 16W and 18. So much for consistency!

      Now, contrary to what I said, I have found one brand to be very consistent: Gloria Vanderbilt. I assume that they are sold in the UK. What I have found is that the Amanda style has been so consistent that I don’t try them on anymore before I purchase. I have several pair. Some were purchased new and others from thrift stores. However, the last pair that I bought was at least 2 years ago, so hopefully their sizing is still consistent. All of my Amanda jeans are size 14 and fit the same way. Some of the Amanda style have rear pockets without any fancy stitchwork. Those can be worn in either male or female mode

      Regarding therapy, it is important to find someone who has experience with gender issues if you choose to explore that. Many who are very good therapists otherwise, may not have that particular experience. Are there any LGBT Centers near you? Many, here in the US anyway, have therapy services as part of what they do.

      Thanks for completing your Profile page. It really helps others to understand what’s happening for you and where you may struggle.

      If you want to search for other members who my be nearby, click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

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        ty Deeann. I checked out GV, and yes u can get Amanda in the UK, shipped in from Amazon US. I checked the size chart – and that’s where I become stuck. I have a waist 29″ – and my hips r pretty much the same. But Amanda – even skinny – corresponding hip size is 36-37 – at best.

        I’d be wearing a tent lol.

        I need to do some more work, I guess.


        ty again DeeAnn



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          DeeAnn Hopings

          Look at going down a size as the material has Elastane or Lycra blended in so it will stretch. There is also the possibility of wearing hip and butt pads…

          I have this problem, but in reverse: waist 34” and hips 44”-45”. A size 14 is 33” waist with a 41.5” hip. That’s what I wear and it stretches and/or remolds enough so it works.

          I don’t think petit sizing will work as it is usually just a length change to fit a shorter person.

          However, junior sizing might work. These are designed to fit a smaller (thinner) person. You’ll have to find a different brand as I don’t think Gloria Vanderbilt offers that size range.

          For dresses, there is a style called Fit & Flair. Above the waist is designed to fit and below the waist is very full. It is a way of disguising the hips and works for large and small since it isn’t fitted to the body…

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      Yes, the sizing is one thing, and then I wonder what else they ‘cut to fit’. Eg. Hips. It will be a case of informed trial and error. I think.

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      Michelle Larsen

      Per, so, apparently the sizing is a bit different in the UK then it is in the US… But, the process I use is to always check the size charts when I order something online. Also, just find some styles you like online, and look at the charts and see how they relate to you. That will give you a good idea about what sizes to look for when you are out shopping in a store. But women’s sizes are the screwiest things on the planet. And it isn’t just jeans, the same goes for everything, including bras…. And even different manufacturers do their sizing charts differently. So welcome to the ‘strange and curious world of women’s clothing’. Hugs, Michelle


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      I would say a size 28 is 6-8 in women’s jeans I’m a 30-32 men’s size and I wear an 8 women’s size and they fit me perfect.

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