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      Disney's 'The Owl House' (Wiki page)

      I’ve recently been watching on Disney+ “The Owl House” – story about the main character, Luz, being transported to “The Demon Realm” (or more exactly “The Boiling Isles”) where witches and demons live, and Luz begins to learn how to be a witch herself.

      What had surprised me (going into this story blind) was that they wrote in that Luz is gay (or possibly bisexual – only on Season 2), and she and another character, Amity, begin a relationship – all with the “young love” flair that has been shown traditionally by couples of opposite genders.  Story was created by Dana Terrace (identifies as female, bisexual and an LGBTQ+ and Transgender ally.)  So far, I love the story, the characters, and am quite touched by this budding relationship between Luz and Amity.  It’s also great they’re showing gay couples raising the supporting characters (Willow and Guy), and showing a world we all wish existed: that gay & lesbian people are treated like anyone else (no raised eyebrows or gasps of shock when you meet someone’s “two Dads” or “two Moms” – and a same-gender relationship is accepted like a relationship between a male & female are.)

      Other than “Strange World” – the Disney+ animated movie, it’s the first time I’m seeing a definitive homosexual relationship in an animated production – with DISNEY no less!  The only other time was the lesbian relationship of two featured characters in the new “Willow” Disney+ live-action series.

      I know that this is a Transgender Forum and this is more about gays & lesbians, but I find “The Owl House” wonderful, refreshing, enchanting, and absolutely fabulous!  Would like to see more young gay males having a relationship like Luz and Amity (pure, sweet and innocently-loving.)  AND would LUV it if there were more mainstream animations featuring Transgendered people.  The first cartoon I can remember was “SheZow” – which was more a cross-dressing “magical girl” type action-comedy where the main character (a guy) gets super-powers transforming into a female superhero (although anti-LGBTQ+ parent groups labeled it “transgender”.)

      Anyone else have an LGBTQ+ friendly movie or series (animated or live-action) they like/love and want to share here?

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      Michelle Lawson

      Maria, that sounds like a nice story. Granted, I’m not a ‘streamer’, but still nice to see positive portrayals wherever we can get them. BTW, there is a ‘Friends and Flicks’ Group here where members talk about movies and such. Hugs, Michelle

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