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    Identifying as at least partly a girl since I was five or six years old l have been dressing most of my life. I have been pretty good at doing my makeup, but the last few years I have experienced increasing hardship and limitations from having Parkinson’s disease to the extent that l now can manage only a bare minimum and find myself look as crap most times. For awhile I was hoping for to transition and be able to do some permanent feminizing changes to help me, but that won’t be and I am now at wits end, not knowing how to proceed and what to do not to completely loose the possibilty to present my female self.


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      Hi Marianne.

      I have MS diagnosed 25 years ago it effects both my balance and walking which as now developed to secondary progressive i came out to my wife in 2005 she was not happy to say the least I’m limited in what i can do my wife   doesn’t talk about it saying she doesn’t want to know which makes things awkward i feel feminine and for 10 years i self medicated with HRT and which feminised my body some what but my wife said she can’t look at it and with my condition there’s very little I can do to progress it mores the pity any way just thought I’d say hi.

      speak again soon

      christy xxx

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      Hi Marianne, so sorry to hear of your condition! I have a similar condition you may be familiar with called Essential Tremor. I could barely type, do simple things like drive in a nail, or use a knife and fork until about 4 years ago when I had surgery called deep brain stimulation. While it isn’t as effective LT for Parkinson’s it has proved beneficial in some cases. I don’t know if you discussed it with your neuro as a possibility, but it has been the best thing medically I have done in my life! I still have issues with my left hand, but it is manageable, and my procedure allows me to adjust the electrical pulses to “fine tune” it. They also can do laser or other permanent adjustments, but that scared me as it would be irreversible.

      Anyway, maybe you can find a make-up assistant to do your eyes, at least. Before the DBS, I couldn’t apply mascara or eyeliner without poking myself in the eye, and it got so I had to stop dressing because it was just getting to be so tiring and unrewarding. So I know what you are dealing with first-hand!



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        Marianne Tornander

        Hi Brielle, and thank you for your reply. As it happens l am waiting for a referral to a neurology specialist to discuss DBS and other advanced treatments.we will se what comes out of that within time.

        Having someone do my makeup is an idea that have come up earlier, but it isn’t very practical as my wife doesn’t want to see me dressed or have anything to do with Marianne or her things. My best opportunities to dress and be myself is therefore on worktrips there I stay over night at a hotel somewhere and in the early mornings commuting to work.


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      Jecca Blac

      Hi there,

      Thanks for sharing your story! I just wanted to ask if there was anything in particular that you are finding more difficult recently, so I can try and make the advice a bit more specific?

      One suggestion is by changing up the tools that you use to apply the makeup with. Makeup can be applied with various different techniques and there’s no right or wrong way to apply it if it works for you! There’s a brand called Kohl Kreatives, who make brushes for those with visual or physical impairments that are designed to help the user to apply their makeup. They also teach simple techniques on how to apply the makeup, so that everyone can enjoy products! They might be a great place to reach out to and discuss what options will help assist you specifically!

      I look forward to hearing back from you and let me know if you have any more questions! 🙂

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        Marianne Tornander

        Thank you for your reply. It isn’t really any specific part that I have troubles with, but the general fact that l have maybe 10-15 minutes of reasonable use of my hands before they start shaking vigorously as soon as I move them close to my face and controlled movement in certain directions becomes impossible.

        I thus start out with my eyes that are most important applying liner, brow pen, a tiny bit of shadow and mascara in said order. And if l can l finish off with some highlighting of


        my cheek bones and nose.

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          Jecca Blac


          It sounds like you’re doing all the right things! If you’re finding movements difficult after a certain period of time, doing the fiddly bits first like the eyes is definitely the right move! All of our products at Jecca Blac were created to be very user-friendly and easy to apply, so finding products like these that are also versatile can help speed up the process of applying. Our Play Pots are versatile cream-pigments that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks and would be great for using one product on all three areas!

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