M to F surgeons, Who is best? Why?

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      I have been on a waiting list for years with Dr. Schechter, in Morton Grove, Illinos, with no GCS date yet. At this point I am reconsidering other surgeons. I would really appreciate hearing from my sisters here on advising me and sharing their experiences. Thanks so much!

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      Dr. Christine McGinnis she has had the surgery and now has a full blown clinic in New Hope Pennsylvania with psychological services and all types of plastic surgery services.

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        I have heard mixed reviews on her. What are others’ experiences?

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      i would like dr,toby  Meltzer i really like his results especially because he offers really large implants that is what i plan on getting.

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      Dr Marci Bowers however, she has a two year wait list.

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      Michelle Lawson

      I hope you take a few moments and check out Local Places (https://transgenderheaven.com/local-places/). There are a lot of surgeons listed, that perform a lot of varied procedure for transgender people. Hope this helps your search. Michelle

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      <p dir=”auto” data-pm-slice=”1 1 []”>We have experts in male to female surgery. Our experts are committed to helping you live your best life. contact Vj’s transgender clinic and book an appointment now</p>

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      [postquote quote=123563]
      this needs to get a sticky

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        Michelle Lawson

        Valerie, if you look at the top of your Home page, you will se an items titled ‘Places’. Under that you will see ‘Local Places’. If you click on that option, you have the world at your fingertips. And if you know of any places, please absolutely feel free to let me know. Managing the Local Places listings is one of the many fun things I get to take care of here. Hugs, Michelle

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      Liz K

      FWIW, Rachel Bluebond-Langner at NYU Langone is reputed to be one of the best gender affirming surgeons in the US.

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      Prior to surgery I researched many surgeons across the country. I meet with several prior to deciding.

      Dr. Bowers is in a class of her own but I didn’t have 3 years to wait.

      Dr, Meltzer’s clinic in Scottsdale was great but used a 2 surgery approach and I thought once would be enough, lol.

      I finally decided on Dr. John Whitehead in Bal Harbor Fl. From first consultation in April of 2020 (great time right?) to surgery it was just under 6 months! He helped me totally understand what was going to happen, what to expect during and after surgery. For the 10 days right after surgery he or his partner visited me at my hotel thus saving me the discomfort of trying to get to his office. For the next 2 months he made himself available by phone or video call.

      I am so pleased with the results and couldn’t be happier with my life now. My wife even loves it!!!!

      5 Stars for Dr. Whitehead.


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