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    Kirsten C

    <p style=”text-align: right;”>So I am looking for experiences with these two doctors when it comes to GRS and BA. I currently have a date with Meltzer but I have been hearing some scary things about him and his practice. So I recently set up a consult with Ting.
    If anyone has had any experience with these two surgeons , I would love to hear about your experience. Good and bad. I have read the stories online about both of them. All I am looking for is personal experience with both.
    thank you in advance to all that can help me with this. It’s such a big decision and I really want to make a good choice.


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      Stephanie Horne


      I have met with both and have chosen neither one. I am seeing Rachel Blueblood-Langner at NYU Langone. She has had outstanding results and she takes my insurance so I am fully covered. Dr. Rodriguez also at NYU, is doing my FFS and he has done the most extensive facial and bone work anywhere. He is also fully covered by my insurance. He is working on a patient who requires almost a complete skull transplant because of malformation. He has already done full facial transplants. His FFS work, although in 3 parts requiring more recovery time, is incredible. I am very lucky, my GAS, FFS, Breast Augmentation, liposuction and evening some of my hair transplantation is covered by my insurance.

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      Vanessa Law
      Managing Ambassador


      Hi hon,

      I can only say that I had a very good experience with Dr. Meltzer. Everything works as advertised, and the post-op care in the hospital he used was fantastic. This was more than a decade ago, so maybe things have changed since then.

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