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      Attie D.

      I’m having a really hard time finding a swimwear solution and am wondering if anyone has some advice.

      First, the person behind my eyes isn’t male but I’ve got a huge man body. I don’t have any interest in passing and frankly at 6’2” 240lbs with linebacker shoulders, it’d be pretty difficult. This also means I’m not doing HRT but am making smaller hormone changes with herbal supplements with fantastic results. They can help immensely with my mental and emotional state but don’t change my chemistry enough to change my physical appearance.

      That’s all fine and I’m happy enough with my hormone solution and my androgynous presentation with about a 50/50 mix of boy/girl cloths. I don’t get too many looks and I can navigate the world without much conflict. But also, if I look much more feminine I might land in that uncanny valley where I’d get ALL the “what are you?” looks. Being this huge is a real pain at this point.

      The problem is I can’t get passed a strong emotional reaction to being topless… and I live in HI. So I haven’t been swimming in months because I just couldn’t take the naked panic emotions anymore. After internet searching for hours over weeks I’ve basically given up on finding a solution, but I still really want to go swimming without feeling like I’m skinny dipping around strangers.

      My thought was to find a tankini swim top without a built-in bra. That doesn’t exist. So any women’s swimsuit without a bra… still not out there. Even mastectomy friendly suits are all built to put breast prosthetics in.

      so rashguards? Try finding sleeveless, in an XL/16/18 that doesn’t make me look like athlete. Maybe quick dry tank tops? I found some, but few seemed like they’d really be water friendly, still find bras built in and ALL ATHLETIC WEAR ONLY COMES IN BLACK GREY OR BLUE.

      How can it be this hard to find something to wear?! That’s cute and made in a way that comes at least close to fitting?!

      Anyway, in an ideal world this is what I’m after:
      I would love a racer back tank top, with the compression of a rash guard or one piece, no bra, no built in support or shelf, no ruffles or skirt flair at the hips, not a crop top, AND that also looks cute (not solid black or grey etc.). Also, not stupid expensive.

      Anyone have any ideas?

      Thank you!


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      I am not your average run of the MtF. I’m more of the “I don’t give Frick what people think”

      Those of you on here that know me on a personal level. Know that I am more of a Gender Bender that wears ladies wear 100% of my life, but with a catch.

      I wear a beard and chest hair. So when I go to the water park, river beach or what have you. I always wear my two piece bikini set and that means I wear the top to.

      My chest hair is thick so it actually fills out my A cup triangle top.

      I would show you a photo of me in my swim wear, but my swim wear does make it past the moderators. (Everything is covered, but still they don’t allow that photo of me)

      So I say go all the way and make the best of it. Sure people are going to stare, but thats when you say to them.

      “Hey you want a selfie with me, I don’t mind?” Trust me, that helped me a lot get over the people that want to stare.

      Now I wear the bikini set just like a naturally born woman, but with a beard.

      I maybe different, but the results are the same. So I hope my story helps you and if it does help you, please share my story with others.


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      I don’t pass due to weight and height but have worn bikini bottoms since I was 8 as they were the only things that fit. I had no issues swimming topless personally but one day I was walking to the pool in a mutli-coloured bottom showing no sign of a male bulge, and my red toe nails in full sight. I have next to no body hair.

      I was told to go back and put a top on! Only guys can go topless!!!

      I made arrangements to be let back in and went home for the top.

      As I walked in the second time the same supervisor just said ‘That’s better remember there are adult only sessions as well.’ Since then it’s been a two piece every time and I actually feel uncomfortable even thinking of going topless.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      While I have no direct experience with your question (I don’t swim), I will offer this. Remember that many people who were Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB), do have a linebacker body shape (meaning disproportionally larger shoulders and upper body compared to their lower body). It would seem that the trick is to wear, and do, as much as you can from a feminine perspective and mindset…

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      I’ve already resigned myself to never going swimming in public again, my growing breasts and non-passing face are not a good combination. I would absolutely have to wear some sort of top, I don’t know what I’ll do but just avoid the whole situation.

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      If you are growing breasts via HRT or otherwise unless you are on a topless beach please wear a swim top, a shirt, or cover up.  It is not only rude but maybe illegal to be exposing your self in public.



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