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    Miranda Truesdell

    Hi everyone, My name is Miranda but now I find myself increasingly using Rikki, a feminization of my male nale.

    I am transgendered but not the classic woman trapped in a man’s body. I feel more that there are two people living inside one body. How many of you feel like that?

    25 years ago I lived and worked for two full years before taking advantage of a career/professional opportunity and crossed back over the gender fence. Things were so different back in 1997.

    Here’s a narrative on that experience from a long-lost AOL homepage that thankfully was archived by the Internet Wayback Machine.

    Currently living part-time as Rikki, but that might change shortly (I’ve been saying that for many years).

    I am both submissive when in Rikki mode and very much attracted to men. I date when I can and I think that I pass (if that’s important) in most situations.

    A more up-to-date look at where I am now, my Tumblr blog. It’s a way to express both my femininity and creativity with some of my images.

    I’m pretty much an open book. I would especially like to connect with those of you that started or restarted their transition after they turned 55.

    Have a great day,



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