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    Cassandra McDaniel

    I finally got a chance to write about the things that I have experienced over the course of the last 9 years that I have been fully transitioned as a woman. I think I was about 4 years old when I discovered that I was actually a female but just in a guy’s body which was weird but true and the more I thought about wanting to be a woman all the time and doing the stuff women do rather than the stuff men do was a fantasy of mine. I was about 11 or 12 when I started reading up on being a woman and started crossdressing which was fun but kind of strange at first. The worst was when I was in school and had a class that had all boys in it, actually there was one girl (me) but no one actually knew that.

    I pretty much started out just dressing in my bedroom and not going too far from there but after awhile I got more and more better at it so I started to venture a little further. When my parents were gone I would just be in the house dressed up it was who I wanted to be. My parents knew about me wanting to be a female but I don’t think they thought I’d actually go through with everything which I finally did in 2010 and now live full time as a female and love it. I know there is no going back to being a man and that doesn’t bother me because I am finally who I want to be.

    At first when I was transitioning I was a little nervous thinking do I really want to do this then I thought to myself I really don’t have anything to lose. I don’t have a job, I don’t have any friends to lose just some to gain once I become a female and thought this is it this is what I have been wanting to do for years and I finally have the chance to do it and live full time as a woman.

    I was pretty miserable as a male and didn’t really do much of anything because I was always thinking about being a woman and knowing someday I’ll get there. It took a little while getting use to being a woman all the time and using the women’s restroom was a little strange at first but I got use to it and it’s a piece of cake now, I’m accepted as one of the women and I love it. No one needs to know anything about my past so I leave it at that. I got a full time job as a city bus driver in Seattle and have been on that job now for a little over three years and I love it. I had always liked buses growing up and wanted to be a bus driver someday, well I guess two dreams came true for me in that regard. I don’t feel strange at all as there are several other female bus drivers and it was a few years after I fully transitioned that I got the job.

    Overall I would say that having female on my driver’s license is one of the bigger things I am really happy I was able to have changed, all my documents say female with my female name. I really feel blessed and really happy to be a woman. Sometimes I don’t think much about it but at other times I think wow this is so cool being a woman like I’m suppose to be.

    Hope everyone enjoyed reading this, I hope to post a lot more in the future here soon.


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      Congratulations, Cloe, about your passport. When I updated almost all of my ID’s, which took almost two years, I remember feeling a calm and certainty I hadn’t felt all that time and before it. I felt like me. I still do and don’t think about that anymore. You asked now what. I think it’s time to just enjoy being you.



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        Miss Cloé

        Not there yet.  SRS is a must and would love to have hair transplant.  FFS is optional to me.

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      Miss Cloé

      I recently got my passport which has my legal name and gender as female.  That one felt amazing, like completing a leg of a journey that could be celebrated before continuing with another.  It does have some bittersweetness to it.  “Mission accomplished, now what?”  I’ve heard some say that the end of gender transition is like that and others say transition never ends.  I think there may be truth in both.  Life is a journey of transitions with changing gender identification being one that most don’t have to deal with.  Part of me wants that completion and part of me knows it will be difficult  to not have it be a part of everyday life.

      Hugs, Cloe

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