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    Hello ladies!

    So today, 12/4/2018 was a big day for me. It has almost been 3 weeks since I came out to my family and friends. And today I got my first shot of estrogen and tblockers. I feel like this has been a dream come true.

    But I spoke to my mom today and she feels that I am being selfish. And that since my dad left her when she had 3 kids and he didn’t want to be a father anymore that I am just like him. I do want to be part of my kids lives. But I need to be genuine to myself. And my wife does know. She is trying to be supportive and she knows that I am not like him. I will always be apart of my kids lives. Husbands and Wives separate and divorce everyday. And it’s not like we don’t love each other, she just doesn’t want to be married to a woman. Which I understand. But my mom thinks that I should not do this until she is 18 and moved out. Sorry I can’t wait 5 more years. I was killing myself not being true. And if I am not happy, how do I make others happy? Especially my family??

    So what was supposed to be a great day turned into a crappy day!!

    Sorry for the “bitch” fest but I needed to vent. Thanks ladies.

    Love to all,


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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 

    Lauryn………my sister.  Coming out will always upset parents and wives. I am happy your wife understands but don’t push it too far with her. Your kids….well most kids to-day are pretty hip to the CD/TG/Gay community. The parents, not nearly as much. Your mom is bitter at your father and she had high hopes you would not turn out like him. You are leaving the family in a different way she feels….she will accept you down the road. Women are very forgiving in time.

    Sweetie….feel free to bitch anytime to me…I have big, well not so big shoulders and I’ve heard it all. Keep in touch…we are all here for you and are pulling for your happiness.  No day is really crappy, well I should not say that….I had 1000 days of super crappy days, in Vietnam. Nothing is worse than that.

    Do feel free to message me anytime you like dear.

    Love Veronica

    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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     Ann Williams 


    Calling you selfish for being true to yourself is the height of irony, because I can’t think of anything more selfish than demanding that you deny who you are for the convenience of others. Everything that lives has its own nature and is driven to express it. Asking us to repress our own nature is more than selfish; it’s obscene.

    People who ask this of us think we have a choice, whether or not to be who we are. They don’t get it, and that is all that, in some measure, relieves them of culpability for what they do to us in consequence.

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     Danielle Fox 


    Hey Lauryn,

    Sister it is what it is. We will not be able to change their minds nor attitudes towards us. We can only accept who they are and respect their feelings about who we are. I am with you and agree about needing to be who you are but it is difficult. I have made a decision which works for my wife and myself. It may not work out in the long run but we are trying very hard to love and be honest with each other. No breakup and I am not going to transition. I am dressing at home and can be myself at home. I may dress up and go out some day.

    My wife’s family all know that I crossdress and am transgender. They have accepted this and treat me as they did before they knew. So I know it is possible to be accepted for yourself. Patience and love can win in the end. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗


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      Thanks for the comforting words Danielle. I just hope my mom does come around in the end. I think she will. I just have to prove her wrong. That I am not gonna change who I am on the inside. Just the outside.

      Love ya girl,


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        this so much reflects things i went through,like when my mom called me an abomination,and i said goodbye mother sorry i am no longer your child.


        it hurt,but i had to be true to my nature,even at the parting from family.


        be strong missy.

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         Danielle Fox 


        Lauryn you are not being selfish at all. If you think about how long you have struggled with knowing that you were born in the wrong body and the pain that caused. Your mom doesn’t understand what we have gone through before any transition so she is having a normal reaction to the situation. Your wife has the same reaction and response to transitioning that mine has. If you have been involved in your children’s lives now you will be after your transition, that won’t change. How do your children feel about you transitioning? Give your mom time and prove her wrong. It’s just that easy girl. Don’t let your mom ruin your journey to be who you were meant to be. Stay strong sister and if you need to talk PM me and we can talk. Do not get into a negative outlook you do not need that, just be you, be happy, treat everyone the same as before and show that you haven’t changed, love ya sis!
        Danielle 💋👠

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