My Take: Electrolysis, Laser, and Other Methods

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    Michelle Larsen

    Well, I figured I’d do some light research on this an post another article about how to get that pesky hair off of you, at least below the eyes. So off I go and thinking the first place to start was the face, and just give an idea of how much hair you have to deal with. And lo and behold, after a few hours of pulling together different resources, I came upon a gem. As if it was the right size, in the right condition, and in the right place.

    And then I started figuring out how to take all of that information and put it in one big research forum post. Then I looked at it and decided, the best thing to do was to just reference the most complete amount of information that I had uncovered. So here it is; from the TransgenderMap website. Be prepared to do some serious reading and studying ladies:


    Thanks for reading this, and feel free to respond with any thoughts or experiences you may have had, or are having. Hugs, Michelle

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      Thanks for this, very informative read! Though somewhat discouraging…I always knew that electrolysis took multiple sessions, but I didn’t realize it would take so many sessions of so many years! I figured 5 or 6 visits (for your face) and you’re good t go. And I’m got pretty bad body hair issues I’d have to deal with on top of that…sigh…

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      This is very useful for others .

      Before I had my surgery shaving was something I did not enjoy doing in the least bit . More so the face and I used to talk with a friend on shaving , he was a professional make up artist ( Kevyn Aucoin ) . Shaving the face is an art forum so you get no stubble at all . I can go for about three days before I need to shave again .

      I started Laser hair removal , but with that you will always be going back for touch ups . So I switched to electrolysis . Something which I still have to finish doing , but with white facial hair after shaving there is no shadow !

      After my surgery ( 20 years ago ) I no longer have to shave my legs ! They are always silky smooth , it’s like touching heaven ! Don’t really even grow arm pit hair  anymore , which I guess is a blessing .



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      Michelle Larsen

      Another member sent this to me, and asked me to re-post it for her:

      What I am doing:
      Nair: regular Nair irritates my skin, but i have have good success using Nair Leg Mask with 100% nat clay & charcoal. I comes in a tube and is very thick. It is important the skin be clean, dry, and totally free of irritation. I have a soaking wet towel and the tub running (not plugged) so i can efficiently wipe off the Nair within the time limit.

      Laser (Ideal Image for me) I have completed 18 months of laser hair removal (lhr) on my chest. so far, so good. I am happy with results
      I have also begun a treatment on my face, neck, pits, upper/lower legs, just did my 4th treatment and am waiting for the hairs to fall out/be exfoliated/i tweeze some.
      My treatment takes around 40 mins and they hit it all, and i have them double pass my face.
      I got pretty good (afaik) because of covid, 70% off (came to $4600) and 2 years to pay off interest free (this sold it to me, normally it is only 1 year no interest, so this halved my payments)

      Issues with laser:
      some say it is not permanent, especially when compared with electro. I don’t know to what extent that that is true, but several factors may lead to that conclusion.
      -You must complete a series of treatments which takes 18 months or so, if not new hairs will cycle in and make laser appear to have failed.
      -We develop new hair follicles slowly over time (hopefully very few with sufficient Estrogen), and neither treatment can address follicles which don’t yet exist.
      -”light” hairs- grey, blonde, light red do not conduct the light beam properly to channel down and kill the follicle. Other hair removal needed for these **colors. **That said, I have (had) about 50% greys on my face, and i still think its worth it to get laser and remove what i can first, which will make later electro faster and ergo cheaper)

      It is pricey, but i think all of the hair removal is, so regardless you’ll have to budget and plan.

      It kinda hurts. The time goes by fairly fast, but each pulse is like a rubber band snap and flash of light (which you can ”see” when they’re doing your face, even with metal ”goggles” covering your eyes.
      It hurts worse if the hair is longer, there is more of it, or the location is sensitive.
      Shins hurt more, knees esp the back hurt more, and the face in general, and more so on the lip and chin hairs. But, it is brief, only every 6 weeks for 12 visits, and does wonders for your self image.

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      Michelle, thank you for the link to the information. I have been using an epilator on my body hair. Results are great. I can go several weeks to a month before having to use it again. For my face I have to use my electric shaver at least twice a day. Facial hair is my dysphoria and I would love to get rid of it. Hope to look into electrolysis or laser some day.

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        Cathy, when you use the epilator, how long is the hair you are removing? Do ya have to just get used to it hurting. I have an epilator, but it hurt like hell, so I quit it. Any tips?



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          I guess that my hair is thinner and it doesn’t hurt too much. Sometimes I have to stop and take a break. I don’t have any tips on easing the pain.

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      Michelle Larsen

      Thanks Cathy. It seems that the wonderfully mystical world of 1’s and 0’s added a few odd-ball characters to the end of the link when I pasted it….

      I just re-tested the link. It works. Now to check if it is good after I submit it… Michelle


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      Hi Michelle,

      When I clicked on that link, I got “Oops! That page can’t be found.”


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