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    Michelle Larsen

    …. curious word, or thing. Yes, I know Webster & Oxford have definitions for the word. But what is it exactly? Is it the spiritual, or the emotional, the mental, or physical; or all of these and more, part of human interaction? Love evokes a plethora of thoughts and emotions when someone is asked to define it. So maybe, the definition of the word is only that which a particular individual ascribes to it.

    I see a lot of discussion on the physical changes we all want, consider, and desire. And I see a lot of discussion on the relationship issues within our immediate families and friends surrounding the changes we are all going through. But I figured I’d do a bit of thinking on how our changes interact with the spouses and significant partners in our ever changing world.

    Apparently, be it last week, or decades ago, you and your partner decided to plan and spend the rest of your lives together. You both may, or may not have, decided on a legal or religious ceremony to express your desires to the world. But, you did express that desire to be with each other, no matter what, for the rest of your lives.

    But what exactly caused you both to think that? Or to even consider it? Was it love? As in, love based on what you both felt. One must assume that you both had similar notions as to what love meant, or you both would have never gotten this far.

    Then you both were in love with each other based on the defined love you both understood that existed between you both. And being thoughtful persons, you both knew you would look different as you both got older. You both knew that you would face health issues as you both got older. You both knew that you would have bills to pay, and careers to manage, as you both got older. But, knowing those inevitabilities, you both forged forward.

    So, your love must have transcended the physical attributes of your relationship, and only mattered that you were of a similar, complementary, heart, mind, and soul. Then knowing that, you put your full faith and trust into that commitment. And now you have both hearts, minds, and souls fully trusting in that shared commitment.

    But now, the cars you each ride around in each day, have gotten a wee bit slower, or a little saggy. And you have needed to repair them from time to time. But you have love. The love you both shared. The love of the heart, mind, and soul the other possessed. The one’s quite similar to yours. And now you need to get into the car you both knew, even if subconsciously, you needed to be in.

    And then the fear, by one of you, or both of you, crops into the picture. But fear of what? Fear that the love will be lost, or broken? No, that can’t be it, because you have trust and commitment to support that love. Is it the fear of change? Nope, it probably isn’t that either. You both experience change before. Heck, the weather changes all the time. So where does this fear come from? Maybe it is the fear of the unknown? I doubt it is that either. I mean, you both have woken up each morning into a day with unknown outcomes….

    Nope, I think it is the fear of…… And that my dear friends, is where you both pick up the ball. To either score and win the game, or drop it and loose everything. But I and all the fans, know, you both will not drop the ball. Because, dropping that ball, together, is your fear. You both are down by one point, you have seconds left on the clock, the world seems to be against you. But I am sitting, not standing, there, way up there, in the stands, with a tear in my eye, and a smile on my face, knowing, you both will score and win the game of Life!

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