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    Peace to all in the community!

    I have never quite understood giving up one’s legal name. Certainly, it possible in this country. The thing there for me is it’s the name my father gave me and he would be disappointed; I love my father.

    I like the name I use here but see it as a kind of “AKA”…🙂.

    All, please do comment if you feel so inclined.

    Best regards

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      Michelle Lawson

      A legal name change, to me, has always been something that the individual needs to feel important enough to need to do it. Does it define me? Well, short answer; no. Just a bunch of letters strung together to help others identify me and converse with me. But from an personally emotional standpoint, having had my name changed gives me a sense of inner peace about who I really am. Michelle

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      Dee Astra

      Changing name legally is part of the official “living authentically as your gender” criteria, not mention to it helps with pronouns and your mail, etc. arrives with your name, rather than dead name (the mail, emails, thing always puts a smile on my face, even after bad days).

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        Hi Dee

        Thanks for your comment.

        I’m truly glad to hear what you have to say because, ( did anyone read “Creole Belle”?)
        Clete Purcell at last meets his daughter Gretchen who is a contract killer, and thinks to himself, I’m seeing myself for the first time. This is the way I feel about all of you, even though maybe I don’t deserve it. I see myself in your comments.

        Name change…at this point, I can’t embrace it… here’s why. Mother/parinoid schizophrenia/gone forever. Dad/sister/me up against it. He struggled so much then. I love my dad… but everyone, please keep talking.

        Love ya’ll


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      Thanks Emily

      This makes a lot of sense and you’re being considerate for your family; a nice thing!

      In my case, here everybody knows everybody so the way I approach this is to isolate myself from them; it’s fair to say that my family doesn’t agree with my thoughts on trans.

      It’s nice to hear and think about a different point of view.





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      Emily Alt

      I am sure I will change my legal name.

      I’m transitioning and consider myself female. I want a legal name that matches who I am. I also don’t like my first or last name. And I want to protect my family and relatives from potential harassment. It would be easy to find them if I kept my last name.

      I have plenty of good reasons.  It’s well worth the effort for me.


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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I have no plans to legally change my name. I am known where I live now as DeeAnn. Very few here have an idea that Donald exists and fewer still have met him. I hold office in 5 organizations and am a member of 3 others where I hold no office. DeeAnn is the person of record for all. The thing is, for me, there would be MANY things to fix so that all is connected. I’ve lived in 4 states, bought and sold 4 houses plus the one where we currently live, retirement funds from the 2 employers that I worked for professionally, accounts with 3 financial institutions, 3 credit cards, medical coverage, voting and state and federal programs.

      I think we all approach this differently as it is a very personal topic. For me, that degree of congruency isn’t necessary.

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