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      Melissa d

      I’m looking for a woman to teach me how to be pretty. I’m a single dad/Mom of a beautiful girl now woman. I am the only constant in my daughter’s life and have pretty much raised her on my own. Anyway I can’t tell her what I really am. A “sissy” girl.  But that is another story. I’ve felt this way since I was very young but had to hide it. I even had a shrink tell me to “suppress” it for the sake of my daughter and I did. But I can’t fight this felling and being single again I’ve enjoyed being able to wear skirts and leggings etc. I feel more comfortable dressing as a woman. What I really need help with is how to be a pretty woman. I look in mirror and see an old ugly man. Ive tried shaving my legs but I get the worst bumps and strawberry skin ever and I just don’t feel pretty. Sometimes I wonder if my shrink was right, this isn’t me. But then, why do I keep wanting it so much.  I just need a woman to guide me.i wish I had female friends but I’m new to the City and alone. Can anyone help?

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Glad you found us! One thing to know is that regardless of our current state, there are peers here. This covers those who transitioned some time ago to those who are trying to sort out their gender identity and all points in between. As I often remind people, it is a marathon and not a sprint.

      Are you in touch with the trans community in Phoenix? I suggest this as it is a good way to begin connecting with other trans people. The sense of community and the power of community is a very important thing.

      As far as finding an Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB) person to help you, know that there are many who are not very skilled at makeup, putting attractive outfits together and deportment. I suspect it may be tricky to find someone to help you.

      But, the good news is that since you live in a metropolitan area, there may be people who do makeovers and assist with clothing selections. Check Places in the menu and search your area.

      It is helpful to other members if you could complete your Profile page. It helps members learn about your situation and your goals. It can be updated at any time and will always be available.

      Also, you can search our member database by clicking on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

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      Just joined and saw your post. Magic shave is great for men. You can use it on your whole body and only takes 5 minutes to be hair free with no bumps or ingrown hairs.

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