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    Haven’t Decided

    Hi Everyone! As you can tell by my name, I’m new to being trans and have only recently discovered my identity.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any feminine clothing (more specifically skirts) on online shops like Amazon that aren’t listed as such and are shipped discreetly as I am living with a transphobic family and I’m not out.

    Any help is appreciated, many thanks.

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      Sweetie, you can shop at brick and mortar stores and no one will bat an eye.  My favorite is Macy’s and the are LGBTQ friendly.  Another I love sales and clearance at in j c Pennys. They put clearance items al together and have amazing prices.   Kohl’s is another good store.  If you buy something from Amazon and need to return it you can do that at kohl’s.  Good luck sweetie

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      hey there im new at this to im looking for clothes to

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      Yes finding clothing can be pretty daunting. One of my favorites right now is Stitch Fix ( If you willing to spend a little more they assign a stylist to you. You give them your measurements and communicate styles that you feel look good on you. I’ve let my stylist know I’m non binary. They send you a box of clothing that your stylist picks out for you. You try on the clothes. Whatever doesn’t work you send back.

      It’s pretty painless and I get some wonderful clothes from stores I’d rather at this moment not have to shop in. Personally I love it, every other month I am so excited to see what they have picked for me. I’ve acquired now a wonderful wardrobe. They have everything from clothes to shoes to accessories like purses and jewelry.

      The box has the stitch fix logo but is unrevealing. As others have stated I’d open a mail box somewhere like a ups store that will keep your large packages. Then you can pick it up whenever you need.

      Hope this helps.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Hi Everyone! As you can tell by my name, I’m new to being trans and have only recently discovered my identity.

      I was wondering if anyone knew of any feminine clothing (more specifically skirts) on online shops like Amazon that aren’t listed as such and are shipped discreetly as I am living with a transphobic family and I’m not out.

      Any help is appreciated, many thanks.

      You may have noticed that there isn’t a dedicated fashion area here. However, our sister site Crossdresser Heaven does have a dedicated section for fashion and makeup…

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      I wish I could be more help, but I really, really hate online shopping, The few times I have use

      I’m an in person shopper, but I also do a mail order service though catalogs in the mail.

      If your nervous about your mail. Get a P.O. Box They are pretty cheap. That way no one even see your mail coming.



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      I tried online…I never knew sizes in women have no reasoning… You’re a M in one brand XXL in another.


      I know it’s difficult but, try good will… It’s cheap and you can find your style and size before spending money online.

      I now go to JCPENNEY I got tired of hiding and my family are Trump supporters so imagine how hard that was!


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        DeeAnn Hopings

        The short answer is: Measure Yourself!

        Stores with an online presence will usually include a Size Chart on the web page for a given item. Knowing your measurements will allow you to compare against the chart. Often there are instructions on how to take your measurements. All you need is a cloth tape measure.

        Some web sites, like TJ Maxx for example, will cheat and post a generic Size Chart, so that does add a bit of risk.

        Also, be aware that Size Charts do not take into consideration how the designer intended a garment to fit. Clothes can be traditional fit, bodycon, oversize, etc. so that adds an additional layer of complexity.

        Actually, there is reasoning to it, but there are no standards and consistency is lacking. Over time there has been some of what you might call “slide”. By that I mean manipulating the size designations to give women the sense that they are smaller than they actually are. Would you rather be told that you fit into a size 14 or a size 12? That is also the thought process behind the sizing plan that Chico’s and other companies have done. Their size chart is: In dresses, I usually wear a size 18 or 20. Would you rather be told that your size is 3.5 or 4 instead of 18 or 20? That is just mental masturbation.

        Anyway, don’t expect consistent between manufacturers and even within the same manufacturer. How do I know this? I have 5 dresses by Sharagano; same style, same fit, same fabric composition, different colors. Depending upon which one you look at, the sizing is 16, 16W and 18. How’s that for consistency?!?!

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      ali express has some fantastic clothes but you must remember it is asian size which is much smaller but its normally 2 sizes smaller than western clothes. but its incredible the designs are much nicer than anything I have seen on amazon. but not the shoes i still haven’t a clue what size are what.

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        DeeAnn Hopings

        Once again, measure your feet! Sites like that usually give the length for each size.

        Have a look at this chart:

        My longer foot measures 10 1/2”, so in the women’s chart, that corresponds to size 11. All of my shoes are size 11 and that is spot on. The only problem is that I need a wide or double wide width and most women’s shoes are only available in medium width. However, since I live in the desert, sandals are often a good choice as they tend to have less structure and can be broken in. I have also done resizing with shoe trees, but that works better with real leather compared to synthetic materials. Another way is placing plastic bags of water into a shoe and leaving them in the freezer over night. When frozen, water expands by 4% in volume. The only thing is that the expansion is in every direction, so that may not be helpful if you need resizing in a very specific place.

        I tend not to pay much attention to the men’s chart. But, my measurement falls between sizes 9 1/2 and 10. That is exactly correct as all of my men’s shoes are either 9 1/2 or 10.

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      I’ve bought a lot of my femme clothes from Amazon and they’ve never arrived in packaging that reveals at all what’s inside. Clothing is probably coming from China or somewhere else in the East, inside a plastic bag, and that’s then put into an Amazon envelope or box, depending on how much you order. I’ve bought several pairs of shoes from Amazon and even the shoe boxes are packed in a generic Amazon box, Believe me, I don’t want anyone accidentally seeing a pair of stilettos in a womans size 13 or 14.

      eBay is also a good source for shoes and clothing, but often it’ll come in the same envelope from the Chinese factory and it’ll have to say on the envelope label what’s inside for customs reasons. If confidentiality is an issue don’t buy from eBay. Although there are some things you can only get on eBay, like previous years’ fashion or retro/vintge apparel. I like mini skirts because my legs are skinny and look good and you have to go with what you have. But estrogen hasn’t shifted my body fat around yet so I’m still more apple than pear shaped so what fits best are low rise skirts and pants, which are out of style now and I can’t find them anywhere, except eBay. And for some reason at least half of those low rise garments are being sold from Britain. Are fashion styles different there than here? If so, I’m going, because I’ve never liked the high waisted pants and skirts.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I would check the Etsy site. Many vendors deal in new and vintage clothing, jewelry, scarves, etc. Prices are typically much less than department stores. Here in the US there isn’t anything particularly noteworthy about the packaging, but you may want to check or even request a specific packaging arrangement.

      One thing that they are doing here is that Amazon and others are setting up pick up sites. For example, Amazon might make an arrangement with a department store to be a pick up site. I would imagine you present identification and perhaps your E-mail confirmation message and your package is released to you directly. It never gets sent to your home. I believe someone mentioned that they had started the process in the UK also, but I can’t say for sure.

      We have a search utility here so you can search you other UK members. Click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

      I also encourage you to complete your Profile page as best you can. It helps others to understand where you are on your journey and where you might need help.

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        Amazon also has spots with lockers. A grocery store near me has that – you get a one-time code to unlock the locker once your package is placed there. No one to deal with at all. Not sure how widespread that is, or to what countries. Something to look into if you are looking for ultra discreet delivery.

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