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      Hello, Girls. I am new to this forum. My name is Miss Roxanne Lanyon, and I adore meeting all of you girls! Not too long ago, I was simply an occasional crossdresser. But now, thanks to my last divorce about seven years ago, femininity has taken over my heart! I love being a woman!

      Roxanne Lanyon

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      Welcome Roxanne! I too was an occasional crossdresser but after my last daughter completed post-secondary in June I am leaving my loveless marriage, moving in with my gurlfriend in an open, loving relationship and starting my transition!

      Ladies here are so friendly so you have come to the right place!.


      Stephanie Lindsay

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        I have been so happy with the friends I am meeting here! I just wish I could find one close by to me, in North East georgia! Or, maybe a sweet, caring man to care for me? Oh, well. I can just dream, right, girls? I so wish I had been taken over by a n understanding Mommy when I was little, and trained me to be a girl back then! Oh, that would have been so wonderful! Now I am an older, mature girl, who really wants femininity in my life! Oh, in my 70’s, is it too late?

        Roxanne, Love my Dreams!

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          Roxanne never too late to enjoy being a woman and though only 61 in November, wish I started sooner than November, 2015!


          Stephanie Lindsay

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          Dana Munson

          Roxanne, I ditto what Stephanie said. It’s never too late to live as a  woman. Heck, I am 69 and only started my transition this past summer. It. Feels. Wonderful! I understand why the “conservative” area you live in makes a transition seem daunting.  Not being familiar with your area, I am not qualified to make suggestions in your particular case, beyond the rather obvious suggestion that, if you are able and willing to do so, you relocate to a more accepting area of your state (or some other state).  In any case, you will always have understanding friends here!

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Welcome Roxanne,
      Femininity was already firmly in place in my heart when I was born. I’ve always known I was supposed to be a girl, I talk like a girl, move, walk, sit, throw a ball, run and even think like a girl. And now I live as one as I transitioned earlier this year. My biggest regret is not having done so at a much earlier time and age. I can tell you with certainty, it is so much more fun being a girl!!


      Ms. Lauren M

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      I am tickled pink about all the well-wishers this Girl, Roxanne has received! maybe there is hope for me yet! I so would like to live as a female!

      Roxanne Lanyon

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        I certainly wish I had some LGBT friends, but my little town is really conservative! I wish I had a sweet girl friend, or even an understanding man-friend, And Atlanta is so far away, and ever so crowded! (I could buy a new dress there, of course!). I am an older MTF girl, and I will just have to get by. But I surely want a LGBT girlfriend to be with!

        Miss Roxanne

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Glad to have you with us as your journey continues!

      Many here have been where you are now. It is a Brave New World, to steal a line from Aldus Huxley.

      Are you connected with a community in  your area? Being around ones peers is really helpful to combat isolation, exchange information and just knowing that others are dealing with the same issues. I see that you are a distance from Atlanta and Athens. In recent times a number of LGBT centers are doing online support groups and social gatherings. That helps to overcome issues around transportation, distance, timing and viral exposure.

      It would be great if you completed your Profile page. It really help to let others know who you are. It will always be readily available and you can update it at any point.

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        Thank you ever so much, Dee Anne! You seem so sweet and welcoming! I can remember when this now mature woman was a “little girl”, and things weren’t near so receptive, back then> I had to hide everything! It seems so much different, now. Is that true, honey? I sort of feel like I could put on my skirt and simply stroll downtown as Roxanne, and feel ever so wonderful , safe, and happy! Now, if only I had a close friend to do it with, what a beautiful world it would be for this “girl”. I truly love my femininity!

        Miss Roxanne Lanyon

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          DeeAnn Hopings


          Currently I hold office in 5 organizations and a member of 3 others. In all, DeeAnn in the person of record. The times when I don’t present as DeeAnn are quite rare. Anything having to do with repairs or maintenance for my car is done by Don. It tends to eliminate the problem of people thinking that they can attempt to take advantage of a woman. Yesterday I bought a new set of tires for my car and Don took care of that. When my wife and I got our first 2 rounds of vaccines Don was present. That avoided the issue of the nurses wondering why my driver’s license didn’t match my presentation. But, as I said, those situations are rare.

          It means a lot to me to be present as a board member, chair and vice-chair of the groups for which I am involved. So many trans people struggle to survive day to day and have nothing left over mentally, physically and financially that would allow them to be involved on civic/public activities. I think it is also important that others know that they are dealing with someone from the trans community. It helps to combat the thought of “Out of sight, Out of mind”.

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            <p style=”text-align: right;”>I help gurls go in public for the first time in Toronto, Canada and recall how scare9d I wa9s my first time Soring 2016 ( Steve gave birth to Stephanie late November 2015 ) so proud of what Deeann/Don does to help our and her communities💋💃🏿👠🌈</p>

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Yes, it is different these days. I think the difference is that we, as a community, have begun to realize what a difference it makes for us to live authentically. At the very least, it means that we don’t have to invest time and energy into being someone that we are not. We can put those efforts towards a much better purpose.

      That is, essentially, what coming out is. We get to lay that baggage down and should not feel that we have to pick it up again. There a Rachel Maddow quote that I find particularly helpful:

      “The single best thing about coming out of the closet is that nobody can insult you by telling you what you’ve just told them.”

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        Thank you for the guidance, Miss DeeAnn. You are ever so thoughtful! I adore your words, making me want wvwn more to become feminine! I think I will go out today and shop for a new dress! Oh, what heavenly fun! Maybe stockings and a pair of kitten heels as well! Oh girls, it is so sweet to be a woman!

        Miss Roxanne

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