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    Kara Sumtymes

    Hi I’m Kara I of course am new to the website here & it sure would be nice to meet/ talk to people of the same interest as I have I would like to add that I am not really sure how to title myself because for (Me) I have noticed in MY-path, I changed quite a few times I started out when being younger I was what was called a cross dresser a guy/man that wanted to try on woman’s under garments mainly stockings/garter belt and I would find myself while wearing those items to also be excited sexually. & that was about the late teenage years for me &it really didn’t last that long I had stopped doing that all together. So now fast forward to now,,, really about 5yrs now. When the feeling to want to do this again,,, I would say: it was & is a little different? I somehow? Had a,,, feeling to want to try out & see what it would be like to,,, not just wear under garments but,,,,, clothing/ high heels/ makeup & a wig & I haven’t stopped yet!! As far as being or having any feelings of becoming aroused sexually while dressed up is no where near of when I was a so called cross dresser back in my early years I think? now if this is even the right title for me these days I would be called a transvestite from reading around a little with so many different Terminology of,,,, who is this & what is this??? &,,, now that I somehow? Came across,,, something new to me??? That I think? I might want to explore in is: sissy!! But not,,, in all of what a sissy does,,, so than what title will I be considered  then ???   Ok so I’ll leave of by saying thank you for reading this Kara 

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      Welcome, Kara – it’s beautiful to have you here!

      Hugs, Shawna

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      Kara, as far as blue color baby powder blue is nice light and a joyful color. Enjoy yourself for who you are. Life is to short to ware a label so just enjoy the moment and friends around.

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      ya know?? that is a good question on the why’s the hows? and whats?

      in general, ya Human 🙂

      hey? if ya happy? isnt thats all that matters? 🙂

      ya got one life? and “No Reset Button” i know-i know? easier said than done? but i wouldnt worry about labels? or what to call what?? ,its like your a person, so roll with it, but here is a cool place to meet cool people with same general Interests 🙂 for “Me” personally? i do as i would at how i need to do what needs to be done? make sense? maybe not? LOL ok so its like?? when i look as i do? if people dont like it? tough? its me? i can not change “What I Am” thats everyone elses Problem? i have to eat? pay my bills like anyone else? if people are rude? i treat them in “Kind”  but? its usually more Positive than ever negative, be surprised how people are so into “Themselves nowdays” people dont even care or notice? 99.9999% have themselves in a slave to there phones?? LOL so dont worry bout any labels? i mean other than if your out someplace? gussied up? you would like to be identified as a Gal, etc. etc. i mean for me? i am a tad Noticable??..LOL i am “Gothic” wear Black!! and have a more “Wild Look” so i get stared at anyways?LOL i am not real Transparent? i guess one could say?  my usual “Reply” when i find people “Staring”…         “Hey? Take a Picture? it will Last Longer”  and they usually “Cower Away” or go Hey Your COOL !!! 🙂 so labels? or what to do or say? well? of course if have to be more private? of course, Society hasnt got the Memo yet that people are people? no one can Escape it? everyone comes from “Here” good O’l planet earth? our clothes cant dictate what we are? be it man woman or child? , your Actions in life will….unless you let it “Change You” if you put on the clothes? and it changes you? then you may get a different way of being looked at? i do it cause i like how i look? its simple? clothes are just that “Clothes”  just “Be You” dont change what you Are? but have fun, smile!! make friends!! its what i do !! hope you have a Awesome day!! 🙂



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      Hi, Kara, and welcome to C.D.H. this is the place where we all meet and can chat and we all under stand the x dressing. we all have been there and done it deal. feel free to look around  plenty of girls to chat with and info.   enjoy  your time here and also as a x dresser. woman  x dress every day and that’s ok  so why can’t we x dress and that would be OK. read my profile will tell more about me. i added you to my friends list

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      Carly Holloway

      Hi, Kara, and welcome.  I hope you enjoy TGH and benefit from being here.  I personally don’t pay much attention to how we label ourselves.  I may use different words to describe generalities, but I am much more interested in the journey and experience rather than Try to name it.  IMO a lot of other girls here seem to think the same, but it really isn’t that important.

      Take advantage, explore the site, engage in chat, ask questions, etc, and have a great adventure.

      Peace and love


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      Hello Kara. You have not hurt my feelings so don’t worry about it. Maybe the term you are looking for is gender queer. Which means you are seeking. Look up that term and see if it works for you.

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      From what I have heard in some of my researching about what ( I am) & (what I became ) it works for (Me) I am definitely not here to hurt anybody’s feelings because that’s not who I am &,,, for me to use the (word) transgender to describe something that I am not,,, as far as now in my journey it wouldn’t be true, I maybe in the family of that so to speak,, I would  like to use the example of the color blue,,, now I like that color,,,, &,,,, there’s so many shades to that color so,,,, what shade of blue do you like? Not just you that I’m asking,,, but who ever else might read this to

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      Transvestite and Tranny are terms that are considered derogatory so we do not usually use those to refer to ourselves. Most of us just use the MTF or FTM transgender. Transsexual is usually reserved for a transgender person that has gender confirmation surgery.

      In reality transgender is not even a correct term since we have always thought ourselves as the gender we are transitioning to. Especially since gender is a sense of who we are and not the body we are in.

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