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    Abigail Majors

    Hey ya’ll.

    I’m Abby. I’m rather new to the scene. I was born and raised in southeastern Michigan. At age one, I had a successful liver and kidney transplant.

    For most of my childhood, I thought I was a wimpy little boy and tried my best to hide it and fit in with my peers. In high school, I was a member of the football team as a manager. I was accepted by my teammates, but I never felt like I fit in.

    I went to Michigan State University straight out of high school, but I cracked under the pressure of my classes. Since then, I’ve spent the past few years rebuilding myself from the ground up.

    In 2019, I met a really nice person, that introduced themselves as Gabe. Shortly after, we learned he was changing to Gwen, and she had been kicked out of her dad’s place. Over the next few months, I opened up to her, and I finally gained enough courage to try to be my self. I came out to my friends and parents last fall, and I’ve been coming out to friends and family since then.

    The 2020 lockdown has been absolutely horrible on my psyche. I haven’t been able to meet with my therapy groups and my depression has come back full force. And because I’m immunosupressed due to the organ transplant, I’m going to be in lockdown for much longer than most others.

    I really want to reach out and meet with others that have similar experiences. 

    I am a loving, open hearted, and just looking for friends.


    Hope to meet some of you soon!



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      Hey Abby, welcome 🙏

      the lockdown has been a difficult time for me too, but I’ve found great help and support here (and previously on CDH) and I have found online zoom therapy invaluable.

      take care and stay safe

      Seraphina xx

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      Welcome, Abby.

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      Melanie Penson


      Hello Abby,

      Welcome! you’ve come to the right place.

      From the age of 5 or 6, I too knew that I didn’t fit with my birth gender. It has taken me 40 years to “come out” as trans and udentify as female. Mine is a long journey, it will be at least another 2 years before I can get on hormones as the law stands now (UK). I am hoping that the law will change soon so I can self-identify rather than go through the psychological assessment process that exists now.

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      Vanessa Law
      Managing Ambassador


      Welcome dear!

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