On October 26th Please Celebrate Intersex Awareness Day with Marg + Others

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      Perhaps you never thought of it but Intersex People are the “I” in The LGBTIQ+ Community. About 2% of the population has Intersex traits.  Intersex people are as common as redheads or twins.  Intersex people are individuals that have internal or external parts that differ from the general cis-population.  They are productive people with lives, loves and family.  Many of these individuals go through life never knowing that they are Intersex unless there is a problem.  Yet, other than in name, they are a little known or understood part of the LGBTIQ+ Spectrum.  Today there is a good chance that you actually saw or spoke with an intersex individual. Perhaps there is an intersex person in your own family.  Help to celebrate Intersex Awareness day on October 26th by making yourself more aware of the Intersex Community.  Remember that out of the 50 people that you might see today, there is a good chance that one of them may be an Intersex Person.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Marg

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      Hey Marg

      Thanks for the heads up 🙂

      I usually have a glass of wine in the evening anyway (yes, I know it’s a weekday but hey, I’m a big girl now and I need my little treats). Tonight at least I’ll have a good excuse.

      I’ll be raising a glass to you and intersex people everywhere.

      Cheers in advance!


      Ellie x

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        Thanks Ellie, and what a wonderful way to celebrate.  It’s breakfast here so I’ll wait at least until lunch but I do know that it’s pub time across the pond so party on!  Hugs, Marg

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          It’s … *checks watch* … half past three in the afternoon here.

          I’ll wait until at least 4 pm before downing my first pint of wine.

          It’s important for a girl to show a little decorum.

          Ellie x

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Hi Marg,

      Thank you for sharing this with everybody, and Happy Intersex awareness Day!

      I was looking at the interACT site and noticed something about Intersex Awareness Month.

      Anyway, today I had my Intersex Pride button on display, and one of the ladies at work came up to the desk, said she saw my button, and started to talk about her own journey. We talked for almost half an hour and she was almost in tears being able to talk to another intersex person.

      I don’t believe in circumstances or coincidences, I now know for certain that I am supposed to be where I work and have been able to touch the lives of so many people by sharing my story about being not only trans but also intersex.

      Big hugs girlfriend,

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        Thank you Lauren and thanks for being such a great community advocate.  How wonderful that you were able to be the connection for the woman at your work.  Too often we have been invisible to the world.  It’s great that you had the Intersex Pride button out on display.  I usually wear my Mercury Symbol when I’m out and about but sometimes I wear my name tag that says in parenthesis “Born This Way,  Intersex” or my summer long sleeved T-shirt that has “Intersex” printed on each arm.  In any case raising awareness helps everyone.  Thanks sister, for sharing your story.

        Hugs,   Marg

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Did you have a good day?

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        Hi DeeAnn,  Thanks for asking and I did have a good day.  Beer and Pizza for lunch and then I returned home to work on my powerpoint for my next presentation.  Hugs,  Marg

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          DeeAnn Hopings

          You remember that Clint Eastwood line from one of the Dirty Harry: “A man’s got to know his limitations.”.

          Similarly, from a women’s perspective, it would be:

          ”A woman’s got to know the impact that she can have on the world.”

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            Oh thanks Dee.  I was afraid that you were going to quote “you’ve got to ask yourself one question……..”.  lol.

            Thanks,  Marg

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      Thanks Marg and Lauren for talking about us. Many more of us exist out there “born this way” – we didn’t get a choice. Most times I merely say I’m trans to avoid a lengthy (and physical) intersex explanation. Some of us haven’t been able to be our true selves until later in life for various reasons.

      These two sites have good help and information:




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        Hi Kathi,  Thanks for the kind comments.  I actually have a name tag that I wear that says my name and then underneath in parenthesis  says “Born this way, Intersex”.  I’m a member of both Interconnect and interACT and have attended some of their training sessions.  I also will usually introduce myself to new people and groups by saying “Hi, I’m Marg and I’m an intersex person”.  At which point people will usually say “oh, I understand” or  “I’ve heard of that but don’t really know about it”.  Then I get the chance to give my 60 Second Intersex Talk.  I’m always looking forward to expanding the public awareness.  Happy Intersex Awareness Day to you too.  Marg

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      Hi Marg I missed this! Now 2 days late but I was writing to an intersex friend yesterday and I think about, discuss it and read about it far more often than 1 day a year lol.
      I also know, while it sounds exotic it is not a desirable thing to have.
      I’d never thought about it being as common as redheads or twins though.
      I kinda wondered when I had SRS…what would they find? Nothing I guess lol.
      So now I’m more aware Marg…and will pass that awareness onto others. Thank-you.

      Alex x

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        Hey Alex,  Thanks for the nice comments.  It’s aways helpful when more folks have the information.  I wish I had the info many years ago.  BTW, there is a more complete story about me in my profile if you’re curious.  Happy Weekend,  Marg

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      DeeAnn Hopings
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        Thanks DeeAnn for the article link on Maria Tridas.  I’ve read some articles about her before and actually met and talked with Pigeon Pagonis at a recent conference.  There is more information and less secrecy about intersex conditions now and I think that helps everybody. Hugs,  Marg

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          DeeAnn Hopings

          The interesting thing is that the arguments about trans people break down when you add intersex people into the conversation. Notice how this never appears when conservatives spout their bile?

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