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      Sitting in your highchair, pushing little dry cereal rings around on the tray, I’m sure that you ,and probably nobody else at that age, thought about what a lifetime was. Even when the years started to slip by thinking about a lifetime was not a priority. Most of us cruise through life and don’t realize that we are living a lifetime. At some point the phrase “Once in a Lifetime” was given some thought. Maybe it was a choice. Maybe it was a meeting. Maybe it was a dream. Maybe your once in a lifetime hasn’t happen yet. The thing we fear the most is what we might become. A little fear just might be the catalyst we need to grab a once in a lifetime moment. Maybe during this roller coaster journey that we are on the once in a lifetime has presented itself multiple times. Is once in a lifetime always a good thing? Mine was. My once in a lifetime came when I joined “Transgender Heaven”. The friends that I have made here have become some of the most important people in my life. The feeling that I get of being accepted and understood is priceless. Thank you Vanessa. What you started as a blog has turned into a “Once in a Lifetime”.

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      So wonderfully penned, Wendie!  I can only echo your sentiments on what finding Vanessa’s sites has meant for myself.  My gender journey had 2 “once in a lifetimes”; figuring it out at 29, then finding CDH which through which I found the support that gave my wings the winds they needed to know I could fly.



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        May the winds of the TGH community continue to support your wings so that you can find everything your heart desires

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      Vanessa Law

      Beautiful words and sentiment Wendie!

      I’m glad you found us, and it warms my heart to know you’ve been blessed by our community ❤️

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        What you have created is a blessing for all members. It is my hope that all the girls still searching for answers will find this site and experience the same peace I have.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Throughout my life, I have had friends come and go, but in the few short years I have been here, I have made some of the best ones. Our life experiences seem to teach us, as those experiences pile on, that life is fleeting, and it seems to me, that each day becomes that ‘once in a lifetime’. Some are more pronounced than others for sure, but living each day to the fullest I can, gives me that feeling. Each day just helps add to the notion that ‘this is who I am’.

      Jim Morrison once said, “Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” Yes, I am free. Even coming to grips with that idea has given me the power to know that I can face all of life’s fears and come out the other side a better person. But facing one’s fear alone is daunting. But facing one’s fears knowing you have good friends to help support and bolster your fight, is what we all need.

      Today starts a new day in the rest of all of our lives, and I suspect we will embrace it, and probably more so as we age. We will fight the good fight, and ‘with the friends I have gathered here’, I, and we, shall be victorious. Hugs, Michelle

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Perhaps the most significant things about humans is that we can learn. Then, based on what we have learned, we can change not only our behaviors, but also how we think. To me, that is an amazing gift that tends to fly under the radar for far too many of us. When used appropriately, and exercised frequently, a mind will always be an extraordinary tool…

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      Your summation of life in a short piece to me, captures what really matters. I’m 36 y/o male deciding to transition to trans woman. I’m going all the way. Srs ffs etc. I make good money. Going on hormones in December when I’m off the road (truck driver) I feel so happy with your words abandonment how they relate to that “once in a lifetime ” mindset. It really is true. I’m transitioning now so I can feel happy and confident in my life and be who I was supposed to be. I would like someone to talk to about it dur9ng my transitioning because it truly does change everything about one’s life. Thank you again for your written piece.



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        I hope your journey brings you everything your heart desires

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      Elli Snow

      I’ve had so many “once in a lifetime” moments I wouldn’t know where to start, and I’m always in search of new experiences like that. BB King was one of my favorite performers for decades, and I met him on the street and we talked for about 20 minutes. Still one of the highlights of my life. I’ve gotten stoned with Willie Nelson several times when he lived in Evergreen, Colorado. One of the nicest and most intelligent people I’ve ever met. I got to sing once with the Persuasions and was complimented by their bass singer after the show. Talk about a thrill. I got to drive a Formula 1 car once and went well over 200 mph at one point. That was a mind blowing experience.

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        I hope your journey continues to provide you with “Once in a Lifetime” moments

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      Smiling when that once in a lifetime event reveals itself to us makes it a forever memory

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