Ovarian Glandular, does it really work?

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    Michelle Lill

    hey girls. I’m new here. I’ve been studying non stop among various ways to grow breasts and look more feminine. Eventually I stumbled across ovarian Glandular. At first all I see is good things about it, but after some digging I have found some trans forums that swear on it and others calling it a scam. So that brings me here. Has anyone actually taken it and seen results. I’ve seen so many positive things that some testimonies I just feel might be fake. I recently started it 3 days ago with a hefty does(my body has really high tolerance levels) 2000 milligrams. I’m curious to see the results. Also I was wondering if you could take PM with it. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

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      Ray andrew

      I never heard from you how it all turned out. Did the B.O. work at all? Notice any mood swings? Etc. how long did you continue it? I’d love to hear all about it.

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      Ray andrew

      I’m well into my third month of BO (1000mg), and the results have been minimal. I’m going to continue, but I must say that I expected better. I also take PM and Fenugreek. Also minimal results, but slightly noticeable.

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      Dawn J

      Moo!<span class=”emojione emojione-people _1f609″ title=”:wink:”>😉</span>

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      Dana Munson

      Wow, this thread is a super interesting!  I have been taking the concentrated phytoestrogen caps and liquid offered by Natureday for about 2 months now. I have actually seen a little breast growth – I had a bit of fat in my breast area anyway, but they are noticeably bigger now. I’d say halfway to an A cup. Full disclosure: I have been taking finasteride – a known testosterone blocker — for a couple of years now as a treatment for enlarged prostate.  I’m guessing the finasteride has helped a little bit. I am seeing my endo today to discuss further treatment options for my transition (I’m 65+, so I know from chatting with him online that traditional HRT is a non-starter for me).  The bovine ovarian route sounds like a winner, in conjunction with the phytos I have been taking. Maybe start with the PM after I burn through the Natureday stock. I will pretty much try anything before resorting to implants!

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      Hi Girls,i

      I’ve been taking swanson bovine ovary Glandular supplements for just over a month now 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night also taking Flaxseed oil gel caps and Amino Acid complex supplemnts.

      I have a little breast growth, larger perkier nipples, breast tenderness also started lactating a little when playing with nipples, don’t know why lactation started but has always dreamed of lactating maybe I willed myself into it.

      Just thought I’d share my regiment with all you girls.

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      Hey Ladies,

      I’ve been on Bovine Ovary glandular for about 4 months. And I can attest that it works surprisingly well.

      For several months prior, I was on traditional HRT, with minimal results. Given I’m North if 40, pharmacy is just too risky, so I searched for something more “natural.”

      I opted for BO (1000 mg) with a few add-ons, like PM, 1000mg daily, Volufine serum for massaging my girls, and a bio-identical estrogen cream, not only for the girls, but to put to rest…the boys.

      In 4 months the transition has been profound. So, it does work, and not as slowly as some claim…at least in my case.


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      Hi I’m new here. I’m pre transition. Just wanted to know what PM is?

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        Hi Vanessa , PM is short for Pueraria  Mirifica , it to can be purchased at Walmart , this is were i get mine and i have been on this for over a year now and i also take the Bovine Ovary Glandular and Fenugreek . Only take PM three times a week . Breasts are slowly building up , feel heavy and i must now were a bra to protect them from injury . Hope this helps . Leslie

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      Hi Ladies , I thought i would chime in here , on this since it relates to breast development . I’ve been taking PM now for about four mos. and have had some breast development from doing this . Before i tried creams , pills and even a breast pump with no progress , a waste or money . I started PM as it is directed on the bottle , one cap a day , i read were some had upped it and had some side effects. I can take my bra straps off and slide my bra down just under my breasts and measure across my nipples and get a measure of 41 inches . Before i was getting about 38 and a half , my breasts are starting to sag a little and this is quite nice . I use a breast cream , it is just to perk my girls up a bit as it does nothing to enhance the size . I am just looking to get up to a good B cup , no more , i don’t want C’s or D’s , just nice B’s in my bras . So far so good i’am not quite a full B cup , but i believe i will get there with PM . I don’t know about mixing PM with Ovarian G , i guess it would be ok , you would need to talk to maybe a Pharmacist . I see Walmart sell Ovarian G for about seven dollars , not a bad price . I would love to hear from anyone who may  be mixing these two . Having fuller breasts is wonderful , but go slow on what ever you do , always read the reviews , see what others are experiencing . Love you all , Leslie

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      Toni Tone

      I’ve taken it and I recommend you slowly ramp up but it does work.Im finally on regular hrt and I think bo helped and when I went to the real stuff hrt I noticed very quick results,the results of bo are very slow but will slowly work.

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      I take ovarian glandular, not sure how it works. I just started it a week ago.

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      Also interesting fact PM has recently had actually lab study in male mice, and has been proven to actually work on the make mice.

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