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      <span class=”d2edcug0 hpfvmrgz qv66sw1b c1et5uql lr9zc1uh a8c37x1j fe6kdd0r mau55g9w c8b282yb keod5gw0 nxhoafnm aigsh9s9 d3f4x2em iv3no6db jq4qci2q a3bd9o3v b1v8xokw oo9gr5id hzawbc8m” dir=”auto”>I’m renewing my passport and they now allow you to choose your gender without proof. I have not changed any other gender markers or my name. I’m living female 24/7. Before I click on “female,” any thoughts on this?</span>

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      That’s an interesting question. While DeeAnn does have her own credit card, I have not changed anything else. There are many things that would need to get changed and I really don’t see an upside for me regarding time and effort vs benefit.

      That said, a question mark for me is always how people react when your driver’s license, for example, doesn’t match your presentation. Every now and then I get a double take before the light bulb goes off, but it isn’t a problem. However, I suppose the real question is would you use your passport in a situation where it would be a problem if your presentation doesn’t match the choice on record. I would expect that the airport security folks are pretty particular but the border patrol folks may not be quite so sensitive.

      Anyway, please let us know your thoughts and how it goes as this may be quite useful for others…

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      Liz K

      I changed the gender marker on my license to X a few months ago.  I’ll do the same with my passport when I renew it in the next few weeks.  Emily has had her own credit cards for 2 years.  It’s all part of the process.  Once I’m further along in my transition, I’ll legally change my name and change gender markers again.

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      Think about what countries you want to travel in with your passport. Does that change what you would do? There are definitely parts of the world that are less friendly towards us than others.

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      It seems like there is sort of a mix here depending upon where someone is in their journey.  Marg is older and has lots of history with her legacy name.  Some things have been changed for Marg but it will be some time before a renewal for passport or a drivers license comes up so there will always be linkage to my co-joined old self.  I don’t see this as bad since this is exactly what an intersex person is.  So, when my identification says born male but I look female (or to TSA scanners ????) or something in between, I don’t care, but am easily ready and proud to acknowledge that I am part of the 2% of the population that is different.  Perhaps  this next era will usher in wider acceptance and understanding of the true meaning of the human gender spectrum.  Like Emily said, “it’s all part of the process” and that process is continually changing.    Safe Journey,  Marg

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      I thought I had posted this earlier, but I guess not, lol.

      You can find the TSA’s view on this at:

      “Beginning in April 2022, a TSA PreCheck® applicant can select the gender they would like saved in their TSA PreCheck® record simply by selecting “M” or “F” during the enrollment / renewal process. The gender selected does not need to match the gender on supporting documentation, such as birth certificate, passport, or state-issued ID.”

      “TSA has updated its checkpoint procedures to remove gender considerations when validating a traveler’s identification at airport security checkpoints. When travelers appear at the travel-document checker podium for identity verification, gender information is not considered. Go to Security Screening Identification for more information.”

      “At the checkpoint, present your government-issued identification and boarding pass to the TSA officer who will ensure the identification and boarding pass are authentic and that the name shown on each document is exactly the same. If the name shown on the identification document does not exactly match the name on the boarding pass, you may need to go to your airline ticket counter for a new boarding pass.”

      I appreciate the thoughts on other countries’ policies and perspectives on trans.


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      I know this thread is kinda old, but I’m new to the forum, and I came across it while searching for similar info.

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      Michelle Lawson

      The National Center for Transgender Equality has some excellent resources for changing all sorts of identification stuff.


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