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      This is going to be an emotional post for me, I’m welling up as I type.
      Todays agenda was to travel 15 miles up the coast from my caravan to the town where my wife and kids live, pay some money in the bank, then pop in to say Hi and pick up a couple of parcels.
      So, the day started of with me re-stitching the zip on my corset top, as the thread had broken. After the repair was done I decided to try it on to make sure I didnt break it again, and thankfully my stitching held so all was good.
      Now this is where I threw caution to the wind and thought, F#@k it, I’m going out wearing it. I’ve also recently brought a pair of bum shaper pants, so I wore those too underneath my jeans, and put a hoodie on over my corset. Not that brave I know, but its the first time I’ve left home dressed up.
      Fast forward to arriving at the house, and as soon as I walk in the wife asks if I’m wearing mascara (in front of my 22yr old daughter, her partner AND my mother in law. I was taken by surprise and quite embarrassed, but admitted I was, and she replied ‘it looks good, it really makes your eyes pop’.
      She also handed me my Amazon packages and joked about me buying a bra, which is exactly what it was!
      Well, we had a bit of a chat in the kitchen about it,she told me she is totally fine with me expressing myself how I want, and all I could think was ‘this is it, this is the golden moment that fate has given me!
      So I asked her if we could chat upstairs, and basically just took my top off and told her everything. I was petrified it was going to be all over, I did not expect to be having this conversation any time soon. She smiled and said, I’ve known you long enough to be used to your strange ways, and I love you all the same, and I’m glad that we can now go shopping for clothes together. That is the point I broke down in tears, understandably.
      I cannot believe how well it went. My eldest son lives with me at the caravan, and had travelled with me, so I decided to tell him too when we got back, seeing as he’d heard part of the earlier conversation, and he too was totally cool with it.

      Hence the thread title.
      Dry January has gone out of the window, I most definitely need a drink 😀

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      Michelle Lawson

      Andrea, that is utterly fantastic. So many people never get to experience that level of acceptance. But watch out, you may starting getting questions about how best to do what you just did….. LOL. Hugs, Michelle

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      Oh that’s no joke, Michelle! It’s one of the hardest things to do, and we all wish we had advice and help — or even someone else to convey the message!

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        We all have such a huge variety of circumstances and experiences, I certainly wouldn’t like to presume to have the answer to everyone… I wish I did.

        I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity layed out on front of me, and chose to take it, and the outcome could have been very different. I have always been impulsive, but don’t always listen to my ‘gut feelings’, and often regret it. I really believe that we don’t pay enough attention to our subconscious instincts. We know more about ourselves than we realise.

        My heart goes out to anyone who is facing this life changing dilemma. You know these people better than any of us, and can judge when is a good time to talk about it.


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      Elli Snow

      I know the original post here is almost two years old, but I love reading happy things, and this makes my heart sing.  Thank you, Andrea.  This made my day.

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      Hey Andrea

      I’ve just had a REALLY awful day at work.

      I came back home in a pretty worked up state, logged on to TGH and read your post.

      Then I started to cry.

      Don’t get me wrong. Your wonderful story triggered the emotional release that I needed. Now I’m feeling better than I have all day.

      I’m so happy for you right now 🙂

      I don’t care about ANY of the dry months. I’m raising a glass to you and your fabulous family. Ginuary has come early.


      Ellie x

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      Awww … all of this is so lovely Rachel 🙂

      You’ve really, really made me smile.

      Big hugs

      Ellie x

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