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      What is the surest method PERMANENT hair removal? Costs, time-frame?


      Stephanie xo

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      The only FDA recognized form of permanent removal is electrolysis.  I’ve heard some say they get perm results from laser, but I’ve heard the opposite from others.  For electrolysis I’ve heard anywhere from $55/hr to $150/hr.  It really depends on where you live.  Time frame has a lot of variables.  How often you go, how many hours when you do, beard thickness (assuming face here), size of area to remove.

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      Thanks Cloe. I’ve spoken to both camps, too and am still unsure.  In a strange twist, I actually had a woman who does Electrolysis recommend I begin with laser, and then come to her when the hair was growing back.


      I’m going to start with one area and see how it goes, I think. The costs seem quite daunting.


      Stephanie xo

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      Haven’t tried Electrolysis because Laser worked for me. $130.00 and  . I have not had to buy a bulb yet, I purchased a 600,000 flash devise. If properly done and you use patience and don’t skip an application date.         ( Buy the soothing cream,) it’s so worth it

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        Thanks, Tracee. I didn’t realize that you could buy a home lazer unit. Where did you find it?


        Steph xo

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      Well, I started out with laser, but with greying hair it doesn’t work so well. I start electrolysis in a few weeks. Like Shakespeare said, “out damn hair. out”. The last thing I want is a date to be repulsed when he kisses me and feels stubble. That is just gross. Hugs, Michelle

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      Ok, I’ve been doing a little digging online and comparisons,  and am thinking about the Tria 4X Laser.


      It claims to be the only FDA approved home lazer treatment system, the reviews are mostly quite strong and at a $500 price point, it could save me thousands of dollars.


      The other thing I liked was the 60 day money back guarantee… give me time to assess its usefulness.




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      well been looking into it and seems only laser and electrolisis is listed as perminanent. have seen adds do a spray treatment that woks to kill hair growth when using electrolisis or laser or waxing, or epilator or tweezing.

      So far have found epilator to be ok but then the one I bought is not greatest does work to remove hair but sometimes doesnt   work too good takes several passes to remove hair but does seem to reduce hair regrowth.

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